Easter Dress 2017: The Picky Child Edition

It's nearly Easter!  I chose not to make my children Easter clothes last year for no other reason than I just didn't want to make them.  Last year was a SLOOOOOW sewing year for me.  The kids didn't mind, though.  They love spending mom and dad's money at stores.  Anyway, I bought some fabric for LAST year's that I never used and decided to get my sewing butt in gear this year.  I have a new sewing space (my bedroom, but we call it what it is now) so I'm motivated and don't have to put my sewing machine away after every use.  The Easter bunny should give me hella candy for that. 

My daughter decided to break my heart last week and tell me that she's not a little kid anymore.  She made sure I knew that she didn't want me picking out clothes for her and that she has her own "style".  Naturally I was flabbergasted, but at seven years old she's almost an adult, after all.  She chose her pattern, the dress length, her hairstyle and poses. She wouldn't compromise and she wouldn't budge.  I just thanked the big man upstairs (not like a crazy uncle...I mean the deity guy) that she approved my fabric choice. Its called Jubilee by Kokka Fabrics that I bought from Miss Matatabi- whose shop I LOVE.   

That Dandelion picture was all her. 

The pattern SHE CHOSE (not me, remember) is the Gabriella Fae by Sis Boom.  I really didn't change much other than taking in the waist a tad to fit my HER personal fit preference.  I chose  SHE chose the ruched bodice option in the front only...that was very important. Also I used an invisible zipper because that's just what I prefer- YES ME!  I get to make some calls still.

She really did do a great job. I want to mean, but I can't.  I'll just be pouty.

Now comes the struggle of making something for the 5 year old boy who keeps telling me that suspenders look "silly" and that he only wants shorts with sleeves (also known as pants).  Heaven help me.  I'm planning on making something cute for myself though and my kids won't get to tell me what to do.  I'm bigger anyway.

Happy Easter, y'all!