Sewing in a Winter Wonderland

We don't get a true winter where I live.  I mean, right now it's November and it's 80 degrees out.  But in a few weeks it'll get a little chilly and my kids will start complaining of near death by freezing.  Time to start my "Winter" sewing!  My boy was the first to get something mama made to keep him warmish.

The vest is The Dragon Vest by Puperita and is oh so cozy!

I added some orbit pockets using this tutorial from Paisley Roots.  I just made them a smidge bigger to work better with this pattern.

I also didn't have the correct size zipper, so this one was a little short. Still worked, though, and I didn't have to leave the house and buy a new one- and deal with people ::Shudder:::

The star of the vest really is the fabric though.  My best friend and I love how much it looks like a Monet.  The fabric is from Wanderlust Custom Fabric.  If you read this in time, there's a pre-order for this happening Black Friday through Cyber Monday. The price is gonna be super dope on a rope too.  BUY SOME. 

The shirt is THE BEST. It's the Flashback Skinny Tee by Made by Rae.  This is my go-to shirt for my skinny little guy.  It's a quick sew and really really cute.  

No joke, it could be used as just a striped shirt, as a Christmas shirt, or as a Where's Waldo costume.  I win.

This 5 year old has some MAJOR energy.  Seriously...

Anyway, there's the low down on my first bit of sewing for the new season.  I hope to do some more.  I may not...I get lazy.  But I'll try.  Haha!

Oh!  Back shots!  I almost forgot.  And I know how BADLY you want to see them.  So interesting...

Stay Warm, Y'all!