Fiesta Fun Blog Tour

*This blog post was sponsored by Art Gallery Fabrics*

I am so excited to be finishing off the Art Gallery Fabrics "Fiesta Fun by Dana Willard" blog tour hosted by Paisley Roots.  It's been super awesome seeing what everyone's sewn up so far with this really festive line.  When Karly asked me to participate, I was SO EXCITED.  I am a huge fan of all things colorful and happy and what better to represent what I love than a line called "Fiesta Fun"?  It's just perfect for me.  And I decided it should be for ME.

Everyone knows I love rainbows and unicorns.  And although I'm sure there are very few unicorns at fiestas around the world, I try to bring the magic with me wherever I go.  When I saw this Happy Streamers print, I knew I wanted it.   Just to make sure I was making  the right choice, I asked my husband, my best friend, and my mother-in-law which fabric THEY thought I'd choose.  They all chose this one...because apparently, I'm really that obvious.  

Art Gallery fabrics are always high-quality.  I've never been disappointed when I get fabric mail with their products inside.  This fabric was no different.  It's wonderful to work with as always.  

I chose this dress pattern (Simplicity 1755) because I adore retro style. I feel oh so Jessica Day in this. The center seam was begging for me to turn a "stripe" into a "V". It turned out just as I'd imagined it would and I think it adds a cool dimension to an already cool print.  

The fussy cutting was really important for this look and thank goodness the fabric all lined up just right.  Sometimes fabric is printed all wonky and can make me batty, but Art Gallery is on point!

It's also super easy to accessorize!  With every color of the rainbow present, you can pick almost any coordinate and it's gonna rock.  

And my favorite part of the dress (besides the color PAPOW)?  POCKETS!

Basically, at the end of the day, I'm saying this fabric is seriously sweet.  It works for adults, kids, dogs...whatever.  It's awesome stuff.  There are 16 prints with something for every taste.  Happy Streamers is my fave though...obviously.


Make sure to check out all of the amazing work done during this happy tour. 
Everyone is so talented and each has a unique style, but they've all been able to use this line beautifully.  Check 'em all out!

Have sew much fun, y'all!!!


Player One is Ready

Hi anyone who has actually stuck it out with us!  It's been FOREVER since my last actual blog but hopefully you've been seeing my pitiful attempt at keeping going with the Facebook posts.

This week is spring break for my kiddos and wouldn't you know it we have the flu.  However, even with all the hacking and desire to sleep I really really wanted to get my Sash Fabrics Mario knit sewn up for Bopper.

 I went for a fan favorite in our house.  Titchy Thread's Rowan Tee and Bopper requested a kangaroo pocket and hood if I had enough fabric.  I had just about a yard and I probably could have inked out the whole thing in just Mario but I had some grey interlock from a long time ago that I lined the hood with most as insurance in case I really messed something up and needed the bit left of the Mario I have left.  Luckily it all went smoothly!

It's been awhile since Bopper has had any new mommy made items and he's newly obsessed with Mario (specifically MarioKart) so he is one super happy boy right now.  Maybe it makes up for his sister and mommy being sick ruining all the fun plans we had made for Spring Break?  I hope so

And final bit to share.  The lines on this aren't anywhere near perfect.  Again I only had so much fabric to work with.  BUT I did get super close.  Both sides match up fairly well. One sleeve matches up sort of.  And two of the three hood panels match up.  Oh well I'm human and I'm pretty sure the boy doesn't care.

And on that note, I will now go make another cup of tea with a ton of honey and pop on another movie for yet another day of resting.

Happy Spring!