Fro Yo Pops!

Hey there TWSCers! Hope you are all having a great start to summer! 

Now I don't know about you, but sometimes I just have days or even a week where for I'm just not feeling great or the weather is not good for spending time outside and the kids get kind of wound up and everyone gets in a bad mood overall.  So on one of these days after a week of rain I once again got upset about that HUGE tub of yogurt the husband decided to bulk buy that uses up too much fridge space and thought to myself, I could think of some ways to use that up! 

And Yogurt freeze pops were born! 
To start you need a few simple things:
  • plain yogurt
  • some sort of fruit, berries work well because they are juicy and mix well with the plain yogurt for a flavor kids like
  • a freeze mold. Even some paper cups with a popsicle stick will work. My freeze molds were $1.50 at the local buck or two store.
  • some chocolate chips, or those mini candy coated chocolate balls are optional but fun for the kids.

Mix the fruit with the yogurt. I just guesstimated how much to use, added more as we filled up the molds.

I let the kiddo put the little candy bits in - a few at the bottom of each mold then put in the yogurt/fruit mix to half way, sprinkled a little more candy and filled with yogurt. Bang the mold on the ground a few times to make sure it gets to the bottom of the mold.  

Pop those suckers into the freezer and enjoy them when they are frozen through! 

A healthy treat, the kids had fun, and you got a minute of sanity. That's called a win-win around here!


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  1. Forget the kids. I'm making this for myself! NOM, yo