Mommy and Me Tops

I guess it's time to jump back on the blogging horse.  I've been crafting and busy with a variety of family things but the blogging well the blogging took a back seat.

I mean I couldn't let these tops go unrecognized!  I found this cotton and steal fabric from the August line last fall at my local Ben Franklin's and fell in love.  It sat in my fabric pile neglected except when I stared at it longingly wishing I had some sort of plan for it.  Last week I decided to do something about that and finally find something to coordinate with it to make a top for ME.

I settled on Deer&Doe's Datura top as I had it traced but hadn't made it.  I thought the simplicity of the lines of the top would add to the flowy gorgeousness of the fabric.  

The top was SUPER fast to put together.  I omitted the collar so total I had 7 pieces.  And the best part, I had JUST ENOUGH to make a matching top for Sweets!  For her I chose Modkid's Baby Hannah crop top.  

Yay for some Mommy and Me fun!  Lately her brother has been getting all the fun home-sewn stuff so it was nice making something for her.  If you can't tell, she likes it!

The above picture makes me super glad we started our German Shepherd on her protection training... we are going to have to beat off the boys with this one.  She's too cute for her own good (maybe Mommy is a little bias).

The back detailing on the Datura is just for show on this top.  I have no need to unbutton to get it on so I didn't waste my time making button holes (yay time saver!)  The hubs was in charge of pictures and didn't tell me to flatten out the back before he snapped.  All the pictures are like this, maybe I can train Bopper to take pictures?

I love the criss-crosses of the straps for the Modkid crop top.  Super summery!

Now we all know I don't doll up for these photos.  I'm a what you see is what you get type gal and this is totally how I (and sweets) would be wearing these outfits out and about on the town.  Though today might require a light sweater oh and we'd likely be wearing shoes... mostly likely.

Oh and those shorts I'm wearing deserve a shout out as well!  I made them over a year ago now but never blogged about them.  Sewaholic's Thurlow trousers in shorts length.  LOVE these shorts.  I wear them ALL.THE.TIME.

And now Sweets says, "That's a wrap!" for our somewhat come back to blogging posting!


  1. Makes me want matching shirts with my girls!
    and How flipping adorable is she in that last photo?

    1. Do it! She had such fun having a top "like Mommy's." --Viever

  2. Just love these coordinated looks!

    1. Thanks! I like the matching but not being super matchy matchy if that makes sense. Coordinated looks is the perfect way to describe it! --Viever

  3. awwww, love this so much! and vivi looks happy!