Craft Tutorial Review: Duct Tape Rose Ring by Quiet Mischief

I think it was MacGyver that drew me to a love of duct tape.  I imagine he would be ready to propose, realize that he’d forgotten the ring, see duct tape in his car and somehow make a real diamond using only duct tape, his tears and a lock of his golden hair. Here at TWSC, we’re all about being better crafters.  I’m not super crafty outside of sewing, so I’ve dubbed myself a “Crap-fter”.  I’m working on it. Well, I have always loved seeing what people create using duct tape, so I got to work (opened another internet tab and googled) looking for a duct tape project that maybe I could possible do.  The folks over at Quiet Mischief have managed to MacGuyver their magic into creating a tutorial for a super cool duct taperose ring. HOLY YES!  Then I saw that they sold a combo tutorial for the heart as well- um MINE.  What they’ve made is flipping awesome and we’re so lucky that they’ve shared their how-to brilliance to the public.  Here’s what this crap-fter (me) was able to come up with on my FIRST TRY:

This project takes a few hours the first go around.  There’s lots of cutting and stuff, but you don’t have to be completely concentrated on it.  Being a mom, I’m not ever completely concentrated on anything.  You can use any color of duct tape (they recommend “Duck Tape” brand) and even if you’ve never done it before, you’ll still be able to make something super cute!  If you mess up, no worries...a roll of duct tape makes tons of rings, so you can try again.  They also give lots of tips and suggestions as to why your ring may have turned out a little wonky.  Mine did, but now I know how to fix it.  These rings make fantastic gifts and party favors...or just accessories for you to horde and be selfish with- nothing wrong with that.  I have yet to make the heart, but I imagine its gonna be da bomb dizzle.

If you’re a little Sweet Brown and “Ain’t Nobody got TIME fuh dat”, you can just BUY one of the rings available in their shop.  Be lazy and fashionable- Oh yeah baby!  There are also a few other tutorials to purchase in there, so look around and go crazy! 

Now who’s ready for a giveaway?!?!?!  We’re giving a copy of the combo rose/ heart ring PDF tutorials to one super lucky winner!  FYI: this tutorial is for PERSONAL USE ONLY.  No likey?  No enter.  Yes likey? Get your win on!  

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