Just Add Jeans

So..... Sometimes I impulse buy pdf patterns... Sometimes I regret these pattern impulse buys and sometimes not. Now a week ish ago I got an email from pattern anthology for a secret presale buy on their new women's collection, Just Add Jeans. I didn't think I just clicked buy now. 

So far I am not regretting this purchase. Though I do have a sad knit fabric stash that needs some help.

The first pattern I decided to make was the Daytripper which is shwin designs contribution to the collection. I decided to make this one based on a few things. 1. I need long sleeves, still.. I also need Spring to come so I can make shorts sleeves but apparently I do not control the weather. 2. I do not have any coordinating knits in my stash. 3. pattern pages to print.

This pattern features a not too much dolman style. I say not too much because it is dolman enough to be comfy and fashionable but not so extreme to look frumpy on my rather petite ish frame.

This pattern has short sleeves, long sleeves with or without tabs options and a high low hemline, which I love! I kind of live in tights and longish tops. It is my mom style. 

I cut the fabric and sewed this top up in one afternoon naptime (which equals about 3hrs). And that includes the time spent swearing at my serger (that the kids decided to play with all the dials on) and I had to rethread. 
I also want to say I am in LOOOOOVE with how the neckline is finished! Usually this is the part I dread about knit patterns, the traditional neckline binding always leaves me frustrated and unsatisfied. But this method is BRILLIANT! Seriously, I think I'll just adapt every knit pattern neckline binding method to be this one from now on. 

Here is the booty shot because I know everyone really wants to see how it hangs in the back. I measured at the low end of the small and high end xs in a couple spots. I made the extra small for a bit of a closer fitting and not frumpy looking shirt and I am happy with that choice.

Oh ya, and this pattern has pockets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are anything like me you know I really did need all those exclamation points! Pockets are the shit and don't you just know it! 

I made this shirt on a Tuesday afternoon and by Thursday I had already worn it out twice.
On Tuesday I wore it to a hair appointment and filled the pockets with swedish fish. 
What sweet treat would you put in these pockets? 


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  1. I woke the baby laughing about your pocket comment! Love!