CraftingCon Sew Along: Avengers Month

It's Avengers month over at CraftingCon.  I'm not a big comic book geek, but I do like a good action movie hunk.  So making Superhero goodness was perfectly fine with me.  I decided to do a two-fer and make some matchy-matchy sister/brother looks.  I'm digging the awesome here!

Ok, I know TECHNICALLY it's not Avengers, BUT we all know they made this fabric after Marvel and DC.  Let's not pretend here.  There are like 3 Captain America versions on this fabric so yeah.  I'm counting it!

For my girl hero, I made the new AllSpice dress being released by Paisley Roots on September 1st 2014.  Stalk her want to. Don't-cha love the pintucks?  All heroes need pintucks.  There will be more about this dress next week...stay tuned!

For the boy, I made the bowling shirt by Scientific Seamstress.  My boy has JUST entered the 3/4 size range and as much as I'm in denial, it's true.  Mommy's little crime fighter is growing up.  ::Sniff:::Sniff::


FYI these outfits are perfect for using your super powers, whether it be the power of flight or the power of KUNG FU!  KAPOW!

And because Avengers don't just work alone...



  1. Cute! What's the name of the super hero fabric?

    1. Sorry! just seeing this. I always forget to look. I'm so on top of things. Anyway, it's a Robert Kaufman print called "SuperKids"

  2. So darling!! I love the print (is there anyway I could NOT like that?!) and it's just perfect for those patterns! Thanks for linking up with CraftingCon :)