Growth Chart Inspiration

Story time!

Once upon a time, Viever was a newlywed.  A newlywed with a bad case of baby fever.  She found other women who shared in her baby fever and desire to plan for a baby.  She joined the group known as "Waiting to Conceive" (or at least that's what she thinks the groups name was... maybe there was a year in there too) on the BabyCenter Community Boards and got to know a group of women: some moms already and some hoping for their first bundle.  All of whom were planning and waiting.  Fast forward five maybe six years and with all the babies born to the group, moves,  other life changes you'd think that maybe this online group would have broken up after those babies we were all waiting for showed up.

Nope, our group changed: support for those days where you feel like you are the worst mommy in the whole world, a think tank for surviving toddler antics, a place we were safe to exchange ideas and help out the fellow mommy.  It is our chosen village to help raise our children though we are spread far and wide across the US.

So why do I bother telling you this tale?  Because one of these fabulous Mamas (looking at our resident fasionista mama Misty) decided to put out a monthly "Craft Call."  Last month they joined me in my making of a growth chart ruler and those who participated have graciously decided to let me nab their pictures for an inspiration post of sorts.

You all saw my version a few weeks ago.  Well they came up with their own twists on making this growth chart their own.

I'll start with Amber who I mention as my inspiration to get my butt into gear and finally make the growth chart I lusted at while at a craft fair.

She painted over the whole board and used the vaseline distress method (she warns: A LITTLE goes a LONG way) to get the look she wanted.  She also freehanded the numbers and lines (after measuring of course) to give it more character.  To mount her board, her husband screwed in the board to the wall.

Misty is our fearless leader in heading up our monthly craft call.  For the month of August when she made her first inquiry to see if we'd be interested it just so happened that I was in the middle of this project and it was embraced.

Misty decided to go with chalkboard paint for her main surface.  The two sides of the board are painted in colors that match her living room decor.  She then used the transfer number portion of my tut to trace outlines of her numbers to her board and then hand painted in the lines getting just the look she wanted.

She took her board a step further in personalizing it for her living room space and family by add their initial to the top and painting in the flowers in colors matching her living room decor.  Her original idea was to use some custom wallpaper in that top space but once it arrived she changed her mind.

Next we have Alison.  She decided that she wanted to use some of her scrapbook papers and decoupage cut out numbers to her board.

One change she says she would do if she had to make it again would be to chose different papers for more contrast but I must say that I do like her choices!

Finally we have Jennifer.  She bought an electric sander (who can blame her hand sanding with three little ones running around sound to be no fun) and used vinyl numbers for her board after getting the staining just to the color she wanted.

And there we have it.  One project.  4 different ways of making it our own.  Have you made one of these charts?  From our tutorial or the many others available online?  We'd love to see it!

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