Paisley Roots All Spice: Summer lovin'

Summer time.  A time for ice cream, water fights, breezy dresses and bare shoulders.  A season that if you haven't made an All Spice yet because of some irrational fear of sleeves you should hop to it.

Here we had to pretend there was a little bit of summer in between showers of mist as our rainy season begins to descend upon us (I'm told it doesn't really start until next month but here's day two of cloudy mist).  But you get the idea.  One cutie patootie in her sleeveless size 2T All Spice.  Oh and please forgive the stubborn creases.... I swear I ironed this before putting it on her but alas there was no steam left in my iron and it was quickly becoming nap time!

Did I mention how quick of a sew this was?  Part of nap time was spent printing, taping, and cutting.  Then in a single evening (minus buttonholes b/c I was being beckoned by a book) all sewn up and I, my friends, am a SLOW sewer.

Now let's face it the All Spice is pretty versatile no matter the season.  Yes, I made my daughter go out quickly on the deck for some pictures while it was cool and in between misty sprinkles from the sky (not that she cared since ten seconds prior to me putting the dress on her she was wearing her birthday suit).  But we could use this now layered with a long sleeved shirt underneath and a sweater over the top.  One pattern to carry you through all the seasons and really if you work it with layering 3 out of the 4 sleeves could be worn year around (long sleeved... not so much in places that are hotter than Hades.)

Now really we've shown you Fall, Winter, Spring, and now Summer.  No excuses from saying you need more summery clothes or warmer clothes depending on your location on the globe.  Go get it, you know you want to.

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