Paisley Roots All Spice through the Seasons: Winter

We love the All Spice Dress at our house.  We currently have three and I'm working on a forth for my girl.  Crystal covered the fall look for when the temps start getting just a bit cooler.  You know when it's cool in the mornings and you need a sweater but warm enough in the middle of the afternoon in the sun.

Well now I'm here to bring you the long sleeved winter look.  But let's be honest, us Californian implants to the Pacific NorthWest are already pulling out the jackets, coats, long sleeves, and jeans.  So my long sleeved looks have more of a "fall" feel in their fabric choices since we're still in our year of adjusting to cooler temps.  So here are my two long sleeved All Spice dresses on my petite girl.  Both dresses are the 12-18 month size.

I held onto this fox fabric after the fox frenzy of last fall.  I bought the very last yard from my Joann's.  The red poplin used for the sleeves and bodice are left over from a Saffron Twirl Dress (also by Paisley Roots!) I made this past Easter.

The second is from mushroom fabric S chose many moons ago and I have yards upon yards of it.  The first item I made from it was S's mushroom vest for Easter.  Now this dress.  Normally my girl prefers pink followed by purples but she adores this particular dress.  She's probably worn it every week since I made it. If that's not a child stamp of approval I don't know what is.

Stay tuned for tomorrow when we flutter right into the spring months.  Yup just did that.


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