The Elsapocalypse and Annapocalypse are here

It's Halloween time.  I'm sure you know, especially since it's October 30th.  This year, my girl was SUPPOSED to go as Jack Skellington and I was so excited!  I even made her costume ahead of schedule...that's a big deal for me.  Then she said the dreaded words no parent ever wants to hear "I want to be Elsa for Halloween" NOOOOOOOOO!  My world shattered.  I already had an Elsa dress made and it's HER costume, so fine.  Whatever.  Stupid Elsa. She makes a lovely brunette Elsa, so it works. I'm still as bitter cold as Arendelle when it's Elsa's time of the month about it.

My little Elsa isn't feeling well, but she gave me 10 good minutes of photos and is now napping.

Upon hearing that sissy wanted to be Elsa, my boy said "I want Anna!" He's 2 and a half and has always loved Anna.  He has ZERO interest in Olaf or Kristoff.  He likes funny Anna and all of her songs.  It's HIS Halloween costume, so baby, you can be Anna.

And what a handsome Anna he makes!  I call this Prince Brawna of Arendelle.  He hasn't ever really enjoyed dresses, so I went with pants.  We added a crown and sword because he loves dress-up as much as the next kid and also, he loves hitting things with swords. I'll keep an eye on that.  He demolished that dandelion in the pics after I was finished snapping away.  It probably looked at him funny.

For the patterns I used the following:

The Ethan Shirt by Sis Boom (modified the collar)
The Festive Vest by Scientific Seamstress
The Nowhere Man Pants by Shwin
The Traveler Cape by Stitchwerx Designs (removed the side panels of the long cape and rounded and angled the capelet part)
This Clasp Embroidery File by XTPatterns

I hope you like my Arendelle royalty.  You'll no doubt see 100 Elsa and Annas but try to show each one how excited you are for them because they probably couldn't be prouder of themselves.  It's the one night they get to pretend to be someone else.  We're all so lucky they've chosen to be characters that love their siblings and stand up for the good in their worlds. Sparkly dresses and magical powers add to the appeal, but you know what I mean ;)



  1. This is AMAZING!!!!! I love your creativity and your ability to put a twist on an outfit - totally Anna but also totally him! You can tell he is just 1000% thrilled he gets to dress up as anna!

  2. I love this so much Crystal! You are so creative - I love this take on Anna :)

  3. what a great duo! love his outfit, and i love the look on his face in the last picture :)

  4. Oh my gosh! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I love it even more that you made your boy an Anna costume!
    Thank you for linking to my party!