The Frozen Effect

So there's this movie with a snow queen, a sister, a snowman, a funny-looking donkey, a reindeer, unnecessary trolls, and a severely neglected youngest child who turns into a treacherous and murderous throne stealing poop face.  Seen it? No?  Maybe this will help

LET IT GOOOOOOOOO! Let it go!  Can't hold it back anymore!

....and I bet you're still singing.  My child has become infected with the mother of all Disney brain freezes called "Frozen".

I have an amazing friend that sews and sells princess dresses for a living and on one of my frequent (but not frequent enough) trips over to her house, my girl saw a glittery beautiful "Snow Queen" costume and pretty much decided that she needed this dress.  Now, she didn't ask ME to make it. Oh no, no.  "Miss Valinda make me an Elsa dress".  NO CHILD!  I am your mother and I will torture myself with this task!  And so I did!

I did not use a pattern for this dress.  This decision was not made due to lack of options, but more because of the lack of funding to buy patterns since I am taking a monetary leave of absence from etsy, craftsy and all other sites with "shopping carts."  The pattern I WOULD have purchase had it not meant a night of Ramen noodles for my family, was the Poppy by Create Kids Couture.  I have been eying this pattern forever and will buy it some day when I can.  This was definitely not a Crystal Original design, but rather an attempt to mimic something already thought up by someone else.  I did the back closed because I wanted a zipper and made my own full circle skirt using my dear friend Valinda's phone app to math up a circle measurement for me. I do NOT math anything.  I do however make nouns into verbs without the consent of a single English professor.

I used some sequin fabric scraps given to me for the top and some satin with a pretty crepon over that for the skirt.  The crepon is super shimmery and magically FABULOUS.  I have this iridescent fabric (that I don't know the name of) for the cape and made it detachable because sometimes you'd rather be a normal snow queen and not a super snow queen. The zipper is an invisible zipper, which is pretty mother flipping awesome since it was my first one EVER.  Karly made me a tutorial that changed my world.  She rocks.  Go buy her pattern.  Totally just did that.

Anyway, I hope you like this Elsa and if you have the desire to see another one of my princess dresses, check out the Sofia I made.  And if you want to see MORE princess dresses, head over to Once Upon a Costume on FB and check out what Valinda can do.  And if you want to see MORE princess dresses...Disney movie marathon, ya crazy princess wanna-be!