Halloween 2016: The boy

This is a few days late...Oops!  Oh well! Halloween was a blast and my kids got lots of candy.  I'd like to think that's because they looked so cute.  I've already shipped the chocolate off to work with my husband so I don't get fatter because DAMN.  Anyway, I spotlighted my daughter's costume a few days ago and now it's my son's turn!  He was SUPER on point this year.  He knew what he wanted and made darn sure it was exactly what he wanted no matter how many details he had to add along the way. He's such a turd nugget.  Here's my little Horsey!

The details that he was INSISTENT on were as follows:

White Horse
Brown Hair
Brown Belly (last minute addition)

What you have to understand here is that this was the most random thing he could have asked for.  We are not horse people.  He does not have any horse toys.  We don't watch horse shows.  We live in the city.  I don't understand.  But I guess my job isn't to understand- its to sew.  So I had to just accept my task and move the hell on.  Haha!

The bodysuit is a Jalie footed pajamas pattern.  I added a hood and the mane and tail.  The mane was made with chunky yarn pulled apart to make that lovely crimped and fabulous coif.  The tail was the same.  And its has quite the swish...

"Shake Your Booty" was indeed being sung here.

The mask is by one of my favorite pattern designers, Oxeye Daisey on Etsy.  Her patterns are fantastic.  I used her dragon mask pattern last year for the boy's costume.  They are the perfect finishing touch for any costume and they for sure turn heads.  LOVE HER!!!  

The hooves are just some felt sewn up...stray threads not included.  Seriously those threads in that picture make me twitch.  GAH.  Speaking of things that make me twitch...the addition of that belly after the whole body suit was sewn up really threw off my white zipper choice.  It's fine.  It's fine. No really, it's fine.  I'm still not actually convinced it's fine. TWITCH.  But he loved it.  I mean, look at this face..

Also, in case you were wondering, this horse costume has the ability to turn the wearer into an Earth bender...apparently

I hope you all had a great Halloween!  If you're anything like me, you're looking forward to next year's costumes while getting the Christmas tree out and listening to Christmas carols.  Only a few months to get that Christmas sewing done!

Stop Horsin' around y'all!