Halloween 2017: The Girl

"I want a purple fairy queen costume!"  Now THAT'S what I'm talking about.  My girl gave me a super fun costume request this year. I'm happy to say, that she's happy and I'm done!  Boom shakka lakka.  She makes a lovely little fairy...and we all call her our little pixie anyway.

She was only a tiny bit picky...she knew what styles she DIDN'T want and I got to fill the holes.  She didn't want a tank top. She didn't want it too short.  She did want some poof, though and thank goodness tulle is so cheap ;)  

I insisted on sparkles and flowers and she was totally cool with that.  I also wanted to use lace- she reluctantly agreed, but I think she would have been more on board right away if she would have known what lace was when I asked her.


For the top, I used Glady's Graceful Leotard Pattern by Create Kids Couture.  It was a really easy sew and turned out so pretty and flowy with the lace got from Purple Seamstress Fabrics.  I added some flowers that we picked out together from...DOLLAR TREE, homey!  I love Dollar Tree.  

The skirt is 3 parts.  The bottom is an easy peasy no sew tutu. She wanted that fluff and I wanted something brainless.  Done and done.  The top skirt was made using Effy's by CKC.  I added a layer and converted it from a dress to a skirt.  Then I made the corset using McCalls 7230.  I wanted to really bring a fun renaissance flair in there for her and really finish off the look.

The accessories really set this costume over the edge of Pixie Hollow.  The crown was something she was INSISTANT on.  She wanted a huge flower crown and picked out these flowers specifically for it.  I think she did a great job!  The wings were store bought because eff that shiz.  That's my official stance on making my own wings, in case you were wondering.

Today was a rough day and I needed a strong finish, so I'm super glad I was able to get this all done and snap some pictures of my very happy child.  My writing is a bit lackluster because my brain is all mush right now, but I know if I didn't write it today I'd probably just put it off until November.  So, I didn't make a whole lot of funny jokes.  Just imagine a fart noise and boob joke right about now.  Now giggle.  My work here is done.

Happy Halloween...again, Y'all!


Halloween 2017: The Boy

It's my favorite time of year!  There are sewing droughts in my life, fuh shizzle, but Halloween always ends them.  No matter my mood, I always make time for Halloween sewing. It's when I get to let loose, throw guidelines out the window and make what I want!  So naturally this year, my son who is always opinionated, decided to tighten the reigns a little MORE than usual and give me a VERY specific list of what he wanted.  Goodbye, joy.  Hello chores.  BOOOOO.  His very first demand...the subject matter.  So here he is, the monster.

I used McCalls 6628 and really didn't have to CHANGE anything.  He picked his options and I took it from there.  One eyed, blue, green and white monster with horns,a spiky tail, polka dots, and a tummy spot.  And there you have it!

Every day I'd get a "Are you done with my costume yet?" or the "You should sew my costume."  Such a demanding customer.  Luckily for him, he's cute.

The claws, horns and eyeball are his favorite parts...and they had better be.  I had to hand stitch those little assholes on.  But they're great for "scaring" the dog, he says.  So far, the dog just chases him around trying to eat his tail and feet. I don't think she's scared. 

Even though, I couldn't be creative, I must say that I'm glad he chose a cute costume.  I know the days of adorable costumes is coming to an end and soon he'll want some sort of mega zombie vampire costume. I'm savoring the "little" boy stage.  Even with all of the hand-stitching and fur up my nose, ears and other various body holes, I did enjoy the process a little.  And of course, I enjoy the look on the little turd's face.

Happy Halloween, Yall!


Suit Up for Summer!

It's that most magical time of year- the time for burned skin, dehydration, and boob sweat.  It's SUMMER!  Now I realize many of you have not yet been graced by the presence of the heat, but in the desert where I dwell, we are in full "gimme a popsicle and a fan" weather.  With all the misery that comes with the heat, there's a reprieve...SWIMMING!  Heck yes.  Our primal instinct to dip our bodies in water is what keeps me alive in the hot months.  I'm just glad we've all gone a little non-primal and wear clothes now. I'm so excited to put my bathing suit on and pretty much live in it for 6 months.  Unfortunately, my suit from last year was a bit janky.  Enter the "Suit Up for Summer Tour" and my reason to make myself one.  Yay!

This is the first time I've ever made swimwear and what I should have done was follow a simple pattern.  What I did...hacked a suit into existence.  WHYYYYY?!?!  It turned out cute though, so I ain't mad, homey.  I chose to join the Hello Sailor Swim Bottoms and Simplicity 8342 in holy matri-sew-ny (har har har)..  It wasn't as easy as I had hoped because of the way the top is constructed. Should have checked that shiz out first. Also dealing with SO MANY layers was a pain in the bootay.  There's a learning curve as with all sewing biznizz.  Also, I should mention that I wear a real bra when I swim.  My chesticles need the support and bathing suits alone can't cut it.  Every summer I take a current bra and use it for swim making sure to replace it with a new one for everyday use.  It gets the job done!

I used this morbidly hilarious fabric from Backstitch Fabrics for my main print.  Its so wrong and completely right.

Then I chose a cute polka dot coordinate from Peekaboo Fabric Shop to add a little pop!  I got my lining and power mesh from Peekaboo, too. And um...my elastics, too.  Seriously, she's a one stop swim shop with the best prices I've seen.

I added a little skirty for those days I'm bloated and need to avoid being asked if I'm pregnant again. Because the answer to that question is "No. Never.  Now go away." I used Butterick 5795 for that.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The last thing I made was  Kimono from Patterns for Pirates.  I forget lots of things in the car when I go out to the pool...I don't want to be prancing around in the parking lot in my skivvies. I mean not without charging admission at least.

Overall, I think my first suit went well and I learned a lot.  Maybe next year I'll go for a bikini.  Oooh lala.

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Swim on, y'all!

Easter Dress 2017: The Picky Child Edition

It's nearly Easter!  I chose not to make my children Easter clothes last year for no other reason than I just didn't want to make them.  Last year was a SLOOOOOW sewing year for me.  The kids didn't mind, though.  They love spending mom and dad's money at stores.  Anyway, I bought some fabric for LAST year's that I never used and decided to get my sewing butt in gear this year.  I have a new sewing space (my bedroom, but we call it what it is now) so I'm motivated and don't have to put my sewing machine away after every use.  The Easter bunny should give me hella candy for that. 

My daughter decided to break my heart last week and tell me that she's not a little kid anymore.  She made sure I knew that she didn't want me picking out clothes for her and that she has her own "style".  Naturally I was flabbergasted, but at seven years old she's almost an adult, after all.  She chose her pattern, the dress length, her hairstyle and poses. She wouldn't compromise and she wouldn't budge.  I just thanked the big man upstairs (not like a crazy uncle...I mean the deity guy) that she approved my fabric choice. Its called Jubilee by Kokka Fabrics that I bought from Miss Matatabi- whose shop I LOVE.   

That Dandelion picture was all her. 

The pattern SHE CHOSE (not me, remember) is the Gabriella Fae by Sis Boom.  I really didn't change much other than taking in the waist a tad to fit my HER personal fit preference.  I chose  SHE chose the ruched bodice option in the front only...that was very important. Also I used an invisible zipper because that's just what I prefer- YES ME!  I get to make some calls still.

She really did do a great job. I want to mean, but I can't.  I'll just be pouty.

Now comes the struggle of making something for the 5 year old boy who keeps telling me that suspenders look "silly" and that he only wants shorts with sleeves (also known as pants).  Heaven help me.  I'm planning on making something cute for myself though and my kids won't get to tell me what to do.  I'm bigger anyway.

Happy Easter, y'all!


Fiesta Fun Blog Tour

*This blog post was sponsored by Art Gallery Fabrics*

I am so excited to be finishing off the Art Gallery Fabrics "Fiesta Fun by Dana Willard" blog tour hosted by Paisley Roots.  It's been super awesome seeing what everyone's sewn up so far with this really festive line.  When Karly asked me to participate, I was SO EXCITED.  I am a huge fan of all things colorful and happy and what better to represent what I love than a line called "Fiesta Fun"?  It's just perfect for me.  And I decided it should be for ME.

Everyone knows I love rainbows and unicorns.  And although I'm sure there are very few unicorns at fiestas around the world, I try to bring the magic with me wherever I go.  When I saw this Happy Streamers print, I knew I wanted it.   Just to make sure I was making  the right choice, I asked my husband, my best friend, and my mother-in-law which fabric THEY thought I'd choose.  They all chose this one...because apparently, I'm really that obvious.  

Art Gallery fabrics are always high-quality.  I've never been disappointed when I get fabric mail with their products inside.  This fabric was no different.  It's wonderful to work with as always.  

I chose this dress pattern (Simplicity 1755) because I adore retro style. I feel oh so Jessica Day in this. The center seam was begging for me to turn a "stripe" into a "V". It turned out just as I'd imagined it would and I think it adds a cool dimension to an already cool print.  

The fussy cutting was really important for this look and thank goodness the fabric all lined up just right.  Sometimes fabric is printed all wonky and can make me batty, but Art Gallery is on point!

It's also super easy to accessorize!  With every color of the rainbow present, you can pick almost any coordinate and it's gonna rock.  

And my favorite part of the dress (besides the color PAPOW)?  POCKETS!

Basically, at the end of the day, I'm saying this fabric is seriously sweet.  It works for adults, kids, dogs...whatever.  It's awesome stuff.  There are 16 prints with something for every taste.  Happy Streamers is my fave though...obviously.


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Have sew much fun, y'all!!!


Player One is Ready

Hi anyone who has actually stuck it out with us!  It's been FOREVER since my last actual blog but hopefully you've been seeing my pitiful attempt at keeping going with the Facebook posts.

This week is spring break for my kiddos and wouldn't you know it we have the flu.  However, even with all the hacking and desire to sleep I really really wanted to get my Sash Fabrics Mario knit sewn up for Bopper.

 I went for a fan favorite in our house.  Titchy Thread's Rowan Tee and Bopper requested a kangaroo pocket and hood if I had enough fabric.  I had just about a yard and I probably could have inked out the whole thing in just Mario but I had some grey interlock from a long time ago that I lined the hood with most as insurance in case I really messed something up and needed the bit left of the Mario I have left.  Luckily it all went smoothly!

It's been awhile since Bopper has had any new mommy made items and he's newly obsessed with Mario (specifically MarioKart) so he is one super happy boy right now.  Maybe it makes up for his sister and mommy being sick ruining all the fun plans we had made for Spring Break?  I hope so

And final bit to share.  The lines on this aren't anywhere near perfect.  Again I only had so much fabric to work with.  BUT I did get super close.  Both sides match up fairly well. One sleeve matches up sort of.  And two of the three hood panels match up.  Oh well I'm human and I'm pretty sure the boy doesn't care.

And on that note, I will now go make another cup of tea with a ton of honey and pop on another movie for yet another day of resting.

Happy Spring!

Wanderlust Fabric Bag for a Boy!

Its 2017...February...and I just sewed something.  I've sort of switched some focus to crocheting because I wanted a snuggly blanket.  Since I made it too big and complicated, I should finished and be able to use it for warmth by July- when its 115 degrees.  Planner extraordinaire over here.  I've been having a hard time with motivation and inspiration and then I saw that Wanderlust Custom Fabrics was opening their  preorder for their new Sea Dogs.  I'm on the strikeoff team and was chosen to sew some up!  Its the cutest fabric, folks!!!

My guy has been asking for a "packpack" for a little while now because he only has a small ninja turtle backpack...its shaped like a shell and can basically hold crayons and small pieces of garbage. I wanted to make something that wasn't clothing, and I thought "who do I need to make something for now?  Hmmmmm"  I guess it's this dork's turn.

The fabric is so super soft and wonderful.  Its KNIT! Yep, I made a fun, strong backpack with knit fabric.  I made sure to line it with a non-stretch cotton and I used Dritz Stay Tape to toughen up the seams of the knit.  This way, I was also able to use a regular stitch, not a stretch stitch, when sewing it together.There are no wavy seams and no stitch popping when it's abused and tugged by the almost 5 year old.


For the base of the backpack I used some old jeans that my mondo thighs ripped through.  Upcycling- my goal for the year is to reuse as much fabric as possible to reduce waste.  So far, I'm awesome.  I also used the denim for the strap loops and the top tunnel thingy.  That's the technical term..you know it is.  The straps were made by crocheting some twine together.  It gives it a really cool nautical look and makes me appear even more awesome than you already thought I was.

Just look at that cute fabric, guys!!!!  Whales and ships and divers and tatted sailors and octopuses and there's even mermaids (top left...can you see it? It's there for realsies).

The pattern I used was a slightly modified version of THIS backpack by Sew Can She.  Its a super cute, super easy and super functional pattern.  Oh!  and SUPER FREE!

The preorder for this fabric is open until February 18th (join the FB group and read the rules before ordering), so get your sea dollars ready!  But actually have real money.  She doesn't take sea dollars.  And if you're seeing this post AFTER the preorder ends, join the FB group for retail listings and the Buy Sell Trade Group if you've missed retail.  I'm covering all the bases.  No excuses!  Don't be stupid!  That was harsh... sorry.  Don't cry.

Happy fabric shopping, y'all!!!