Suit Up for Summer!

It's that most magical time of year- the time for burned skin, dehydration, and boob sweat.  It's SUMMER!  Now I realize many of you have not yet been graced by the presence of the heat, but in the desert where I dwell, we are in full "gimme a popsicle and a fan" weather.  With all the misery that comes with the heat, there's a reprieve...SWIMMING!  Heck yes.  Our primal instinct to dip our bodies in water is what keeps me alive in the hot months.  I'm just glad we've all gone a little non-primal and wear clothes now. I'm so excited to put my bathing suit on and pretty much live in it for 6 months.  Unfortunately, my suit from last year was a bit janky.  Enter the "Suit Up for Summer Tour" and my reason to make myself one.  Yay!

This is the first time I've ever made swimwear and what I should have done was follow a simple pattern.  What I did...hacked a suit into existence.  WHYYYYY?!?!  It turned out cute though, so I ain't mad, homey.  I chose to join the Hello Sailor Swim Bottoms and Simplicity 8342 in holy matri-sew-ny (har har har)..  It wasn't as easy as I had hoped because of the way the top is constructed. Should have checked that shiz out first. Also dealing with SO MANY layers was a pain in the bootay.  There's a learning curve as with all sewing biznizz.  Also, I should mention that I wear a real bra when I swim.  My chesticles need the support and bathing suits alone can't cut it.  Every summer I take a current bra and use it for swim making sure to replace it with a new one for everyday use.  It gets the job done!

I used this morbidly hilarious fabric from Backstitch Fabrics for my main print.  Its so wrong and completely right.

Then I chose a cute polka dot coordinate from Peekaboo Fabric Shop to add a little pop!  I got my lining and power mesh from Peekaboo, too. And elastics, too.  Seriously, she's a one stop swim shop with the best prices I've seen.

I added a little skirty for those days I'm bloated and need to avoid being asked if I'm pregnant again. Because the answer to that question is "No. Never.  Now go away." I used Butterick 5795 for that.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The last thing I made was  Kimono from Patterns for Pirates.  I forget lots of things in the car when I go out to the pool...I don't want to be prancing around in the parking lot in my skivvies. I mean not without charging admission at least.

Overall, I think my first suit went well and I learned a lot.  Maybe next year I'll go for a bikini.  Oooh lala.

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Swim on, y'all!


  1. Love it! I can't leave a pattern alone either :) And you look amazing, and I need the same black kimono!

  2. The print seems pretty perfect for you! Love all the companion pieces you made too! Aint sewing for yourself just great!

  3. Love your swimsuit and the hilariously wrong fun! I was swimsuit hacking before using an easy pattern, too. You learning by doing, right?? :)

  4. Great post, you are laugh-out-loud funny. Your swimsuit looks fantastic!

  5. That suit looks so good on you, love the fabrics you used and the skirt too. REeady for summer!!