Mommy and Me Tops

I guess it's time to jump back on the blogging horse.  I've been crafting and busy with a variety of family things but the blogging well the blogging took a back seat.

I mean I couldn't let these tops go unrecognized!  I found this cotton and steal fabric from the August line last fall at my local Ben Franklin's and fell in love.  It sat in my fabric pile neglected except when I stared at it longingly wishing I had some sort of plan for it.  Last week I decided to do something about that and finally find something to coordinate with it to make a top for ME.

I settled on Deer&Doe's Datura top as I had it traced but hadn't made it.  I thought the simplicity of the lines of the top would add to the flowy gorgeousness of the fabric.  

The top was SUPER fast to put together.  I omitted the collar so total I had 7 pieces.  And the best part, I had JUST ENOUGH to make a matching top for Sweets!  For her I chose Modkid's Baby Hannah crop top.  

Yay for some Mommy and Me fun!  Lately her brother has been getting all the fun home-sewn stuff so it was nice making something for her.  If you can't tell, she likes it!

The above picture makes me super glad we started our German Shepherd on her protection training... we are going to have to beat off the boys with this one.  She's too cute for her own good (maybe Mommy is a little bias).

The back detailing on the Datura is just for show on this top.  I have no need to unbutton to get it on so I didn't waste my time making button holes (yay time saver!)  The hubs was in charge of pictures and didn't tell me to flatten out the back before he snapped.  All the pictures are like this, maybe I can train Bopper to take pictures?

I love the criss-crosses of the straps for the Modkid crop top.  Super summery!

Now we all know I don't doll up for these photos.  I'm a what you see is what you get type gal and this is totally how I (and sweets) would be wearing these outfits out and about on the town.  Though today might require a light sweater oh and we'd likely be wearing shoes... mostly likely.

Oh and those shorts I'm wearing deserve a shout out as well!  I made them over a year ago now but never blogged about them.  Sewaholic's Thurlow trousers in shorts length.  LOVE these shorts.  I wear them ALL.THE.TIME.

And now Sweets says, "That's a wrap!" for our somewhat come back to blogging posting!

Top Stitchers: Chicago!

Hey guys!  If you came over from Top Stitchers to check out my materials list and a few more pics, then you rock.  You're way better than those that didn't.  But don't tell them I said's a secret.  If you're just seeing this look for the first time, head over to the Free Notion blog and read all about it!  It's a look for moi based on The Lion Kind Broadway show and I made a lion sex joke over seriously, I did. Anyway, here's my look!

And here are my materials =)

Top: Crinkle chiffon with a metallic gold finish purchased at Fabrics 'n Lace on Etsy

Skirt: Metallic Bronze stretch faux leather purchased (and gifted to me by my bestie, Karly over at Paisley Roots) at Nuttall's fabrics in Layton, UT

Necklace: Backed with white faux leather from Fabuless Fabrics on Etsy.  Beaded appliques from Trimendous on Etsy.

My accessories include:

Earrings: Sears Outlet
Sandals: Charming Charlie
Flower Necklace (Worn with shorts): Some random shop in the mall 10 years ago...
Belt: The bestie's closet
*note: I WAS going to wear those wedges, but I couldn't climb the rocks in them.  It was quite fun to watch me try though...just ask my husband.

During this process, I muslined, of course.  There's nothing quite as awesome as a cute wearable muslin.  My skirt test was so fun that I just had to share. New favorite skirt BAM!

Now go gimme and Brianne from AliCat & Co some love over on Free Notion.  NOW, dammit!

And many thanks to this stud muffin for taking my pictures and being so patient with me <3


Project Run & Play: February (Crystal)

It's time for February's Project Run & Play challenge! This month's featured past contestant is Susan from Living with Punks and she's chosen her Mademoiselle muscle tee tutorial for us to change up.  My girl is all about the lounge wear lately- I guess my yoga pants addiction rubbed off.  I knew an all knit look would tickle her fancy, so I went with it.

I didn't make her a dress because honestly I didn't want to.  Such a great reason, I know.  But good enough for me!    I also wanted to use the tank in a way that would be a little unexpected, so I used it to make a scarf neck cardigan.  No, I didn't use the shirt pattern to make the shirt...I make lots of sense. I like the long, drapey, comfortable look of this cardigan and the black and white polkadots are super fun. 

I used the tank as a base then extended the front 11" and made some dolman sleeves.  Easy peasy and comfy womfy for my wittle wovey dovey.

The shirt without the cardi is hilarious.  I had no intenton of making a guinea pig shirt, but when I asked my kid what her favorite animal was, she said "Guinea Pig".  Challenge accepted!  The pattern I used was the Skipper Top by Sew Much Ado.  I just did a little colorblocking and busted out the iron-on transfers.  

The Pants are the Nightfox Pant by Puperita.  These pants are so super comfy and I want them for me. I've made them for my son before and he loves them too.  I totally dig a pattern I can use for both of my kiddos.  My cheap little heart sings.

One more picture of the shirt because...well...guinea pigs!

Well, that's it!  I hope you like it and can't wait to see what all everyone else links up.  There's some great stuff already <3


Valentine's Day Goodies

Normally I'm the mom the just shows up to preschool on holidays to volunteer with the party and maybe bring an item or two from the teacher's wish list (this timeI'm bringing frosting and convo hearts).

But some part of me this time went crazy.  I think it's because Bopper had missed so much school and some big class celebrations while we were gone.  I didn't go get the $5 Valentines cards that you can just write names on and pass out.  No I HAD to do something special.  So I fully expect to get those looks of "Oh so you are THAT mom with over the top goodie bags."  Not that it's my norm at all but Bopper (and Sweets) are pretty excited about them and that's what I was aiming for.

Now to the goodies all found from Dejah Vue Designs.

Lollypop holders in mustache and lip shapes.  How fun are these!?    I mean these were super quick.  6 stitched out in my 5x7 hoop on my embroidery machine.  Cut and punch some lollipops through.

I mustache you to be my Valentine!

Pucker up Buttercup. 

Flowers for the teachers.  I thought about making a bunch of them but as a former teacher... I thought they might not want 4-7 lollipops....

He loves me... He loves me not...

And the finale!  Fox masks!  Mr. Viever has been threatening to sing a certain song during my time of stitching and cutting these babies out.  My two have been eagerly awaiting when they can finally break these out and scamper around the house.

One Foxy Valentine
Bopper's Valentine's Day shirt is store bought plain grey shirt until I added that made by mama patch (MY FIRST!) design by Urban Threads: Snuggly Foxes. Just the right theme snuggly and cute!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


Shake it Off: Look 2!

Yay themes!  They make me sew!   This is gonna be short and sweet folks!

 Paisley Roots is having her contest here and you should link up like I am! Here's my second look.

BaBAM!  Look 2 based on the hip hop break dancing people.  Lets be real: I have no idea what type of dancing they're doing there.  I can't do it...that's all I know.

I used the Aurora Tee by Hey June with a few small mods.  I tapered the sleeves more and lengthened the hem but removed the curve...I have enough curves.  Other than that, it was awesome!  Fast, simple and fun.   PEACE OUT!  (told ya it was gonna be a quickie :::That's what SHE said:::)


The Invasion of the Hobby Horses

Last year I made one little girl's dreams come true earned her aunt a "World's Best Aunt" title with one little hobby horse (pattern from WhimseyWoo Stables on Etsy).  Since making that hobby horse... my kids won't stop pestering me about getting one of their own! So I decided to make them one for Christmas as well as my nieces.  So four horses total.  I started during the summer so I could totally finish by Christmas right?!

Well a monkey wrench got mixed up in my plans.  I managed to have my nieces' horses head done sans pole to take back with us in October and then finished them at my in laws house so they could be stored and hidden until Christmas.  Then I started on my kids' and lo and behold family emergency leading to going back home in November rather than December and my kids were without horsies come Christmas morning.

But not to worry!  I worked on them (reins, stuffing and pole addition to one, and just stuffing and pole addition to the other) as soon as we go home and it was like having a third Christmas, but in January!

"It Offin"- You don't know what that means

My title confuses you.  It should.  You are normal, don't worry (well, maybe some of you should, but that's a topic I don't get paid enough to cover).  My title comes from the 2 series I am sewing along with as a butt kick to keep me sewing.  Paisley Roots is having a "Shake it Off" competition and link-up on her blog and Scientific Seamstress/ SisBoom is having a "Knock it Off" theme for their "Just for Me January" challenge in their Facebook group.  Click on my links and take advantage of the opportunity to win free stuff.  Otherwise, we can't be friends.  If you don't like free stuff, you're not my people.  So here's my look!

We'll start with the Paisley Roots competition.  She challenged us to make SOMETHING inspired my the "Shake it Off" video by Taylor Swift using a pattern from one of the sponsors' patterns.  She had a bad 2014 and wants to shake it off and I'm with her.  EFF YOU 2014!  Anyway, I chose the cheerleader look as my inspiration.  It's peppy and fun and YES!  Perfect for shaking things this awful cold I have.  I look like a damn fool in the following picture. I'm "dancing".  God help us all.

Along with the color scheme, I decided to pleat my skirt to mimic the pleats in the cheer uniform and chose some colorblocking to bring it all together.  The dress pattern I used was the Angie by SisBoom- More on that below.  The cardigan was made from Simplicity 2125.  No, Simplicity is not a sponsor, but I made it anyway since cardis are more like and accessory. (Yes I definitely look sick in this picture.  And my head is exceptionally round.  I blame the can't argue back).

My dress is sooooo comfy.  I used interlock knit because I realized that nearly ALL of my store bought stuff is knit.  If I'm BUYING knit clothing, I should be sewing it.  The problem I faced was dealing with knit bias binding.  LORD NO. So I took the construction technique from the SisBoom Tortola and made a woven neck/arm facing to limit stretchy wonkiness and keep is nice and sturdy.  I Win!

Since this was a knock-off look, I clearly took inspiration from's where:

Anyway, there you have my "It Off" looks.  PLEASE go make your own and enter them!  If for nothing else than motivation and Sew-jo creation.