Hulkster Tank SMASH

Since in my last post you got to see how neglected my poor son is, I thought I'd make myself look a little better and actually make him something.  Go me!

I bought this fabric from Pink Zeppelin Fabrics about a year and a half ago.  Luckily my son still has mad love for the Hulk.  Relevance to one's fandom is super important.  WHEW!

I used the Twisted Tank pattern from Titchy Threads and man, I love this pattern!  Super easy, super fast, and super HERO!

The star fabric is from TKB Prints on Facebook.  Their stars are AMAZING and in high demand.  Can't you see why?

Well, my bud was so happy to have some mama made clothing finally...and he requested that I match.   He's too sweet to me!  Luckily he picked a dress instead of a shirt.  I just like dresses- more air flow.  This dress is the new Sunshine Dress by Patterns for Pirates.  It has a bunch of options and a whole blog post on hacks to make it an even better deal. I used the non-rouched hack for my halter dress. You can pretty much NOT go wrong with P4P anyway.

Thanks for checking out my attempt at being a better mother.  HA!  Whatever.  They're still getting Mac and cheese for lunch.


Crystal's Kinda Crappy

Haha!  Made ya read!  But seriously, I'm crappy at having time to do fun stuff and blog about it.  I'm still fabulous in every other way and don't you forget it.  I haven't blogged at all since December and I wanted to just do a little roundup of what I've been up to creatively.  Mostly small projects here and there.  We had some issues with a "light" kitchen/living room remodel and 14 months later, we're not done yet.  We could be, but the heat came before we could finish and 110+ degree temperatures are not worth working in.  Needless to say, I've been preoccupied trying to get that done and not cry every time I have to reach into a cupboard with no door.

So here's the stuff I never got around to blogging in 2015 and so far in 2016:

I made myself a few fun things:

A star wars top made from an altered version of the Uptown/Downtown Women's pattern from Sew Straight and Gather.  This just happens to be my new favorite shirt. I wear it ALL THE TIME.

A LBD from the Lady Skater Pattern by Kitschy Coo

A Patterns for Pirates Grandpa Cardi that I can't wait to use again!

A Coraline hoddie from the Patterns for Pirates Women's Relaxed Raglan pattern   

A cute polkadot Pumpkin Spice Dolman from Patterns for Pirates. Another shirt I wear a ton.  In fact I'm wearing it as I type this.

And finally, a pretty Desert Breeze dress from Striped Swallow Designs that was inspired by Pocahontas's "Colors of the Wind".  It was my first official Disneybound! I modified it to have an elastic casing underneath the bust for a more flattering fit.  I also made it a maxi because I LOVE maxis.

Yep!  I spoiled myself a wee bit....ain't sad about it!

Here's the stuff for my girl!

A bit of Scotland in an Uptown Downtown Girl's dress from Sew Straight and Gather

A Very hipster modified Saffron Twirl from Paisley Roots

A Modkid Arianne dress

A few Hourglass dresses by Rabbit Rabbit for the holidays

And most recently I made her a little princess's dream come true with a modified Town Square top from New Horizon's patterns and some Bonny legs from Made for Mermaids.

She made out pretty well, too!

Now for my son!

A TIE! December...and nothing else.  Poor kid.  But if he wouldn't ruin clothes so fast, he'd have more!  He's a maniac, people.  Oh well, he rocked that tie!  Before he puked on it.  No seriously, he did.

I hope to be more productive these last 6 months of 2016, but promises like that just can't be made.  I can promise Halloween costumes, though.  I kill it with Halloween costumes.  They are my happy place.

Thanks for reading y'all!!!


Sew the Show: Six Degrees of Separation- The Witches

Welcome to my turn!  Woo hoo!  I like having turns!  "Turn for WHAT?", you ask... I'm part of Sew the Show's "Six Degrees of Separation" starting and ending with the world's best thing- bacon-.Kevin Bacon, that is.  So what is this awesome series?  Well, its exactly how it sounds.  We started with Kevin Bacon and will work our way around Hollywood and it's films linking them to one another by an actress or actor.  For each movie there are bloggers creating a look.  It can be a costume or underpants for Grown up or child, no one's picky.  The goal is to end up back where everything begins- Bacon.

My movie is "The Witches" brought to us by Angelica Huston.  But how did we get here from Bacon?  Well, Here are the links to the other stops leading up to now.  Go read...

Stop 1: FreeNotion

Stop 2 : Creative Counselor and Wining Wife

Stop 3: A Jennuine Life and Rebel and Malice

Stop 4: Climbing the Willow and Cindy Parrett

Stop 5:  Lauren via Sew the Show and ME!!

Ok,  Awesome!  Now, Onto the show!  When I signed up, I saw "The Witches" and knew straight away that I hit the jackpot.  I absolutely ADORE Ms. Huston and this movie.  It's pretty dark for a kids movie, but I thought it was awesome when I was like 8.  Its better than my baby sister loving the Poltergeist series at 4 (no, seriously), but I digress.  The thing I remembered most about the movie was that children smelled like dog droppings to witches.  YOU GUYS!  That is seriously the grossest smell on the planet.  Their poo is the exact reason I won't own a dog.  If I had to walk around and smell that all the time, I'd start hiding children in paintings and turning them into mice, too.  So, you see, I sympathize with the witches.  And so I based my look on two flat-toed ladies that really couldn't be more different: The Grand High Witch and her secretary, Miss Irvine.

The Grand High Witch played by Angelica Huston, had a very strong and powerful look.  Her black dress with a commanding shape really made her striking.  She also had that dark hair, red lipstick and, well, wore an awesome hat at her entrance...I love hats. It was very indicative of her personality- dark, domineering, and strong.  At the opposite end of the witchy spectrum is her secretary in a floral peplum dress with blonde floofy hair and a stupid grin.  She was dainty, submissive and weak. (or so we are made to believe)

When making my look, I wanted to include the strong but had to also keep it a bit dainty because I'm dressing a little girl.  I took some elements from Eva Ernst (Grand High): Black background, tighter fit, and tighter long sleeves to mimic her gloves.  Then, I added a bit of Miss Irvine: the floral and the peplum.  The result is a look suitable for a child, that captures the feel of the characters.

I got the fabric from Purple Seamstress on Facebook (LOVE her!).  I used a modified mixture of the Uptown/Downtown dress by Sew Straight and Gather and the Peggy's by Create Kids Couture to make the dress.  I'm always combining and changing stuff until I get EXACTLY what I want because life just can't be easy...especially when everything smells like dog droppings; so gross. Its just so gross.

Even though I made a practical dress that my girl will wear 100 times, I had to (of course) add a little whimsy and theatrics with the hat and tights.  Besides, the Grand High Witch was VERY theatrical.  Both witches needed to be represented in an accessory, too.  You wouldn't have forgiven me otherwise.  They were both store bought excuses...I just wanted to buy them.  BAM!  Truth hammer dropped!

Now, by the end of the movie these clothing stereotypes throw the tables a little bit (I'm not gonna spoil it).  Luckily, my girl had the best of both- she will not be vermin.

Make sure you check out our other contributors coming up!  It's all in good fun and maybe you'll find yourself inspired the next time you turn on your favorite flick =) Click on the picture below to see what Michele over at Falafel and the Bee sewed up!


Halloween 2015: Crystal Part 2

My second costume of the year is for my girl!  She's always so fun to sew for, so I couldn't wait to hear her idea.  Then she said the last princess I wanted to make: Snow White.  Now, I love Snow White...I'm just bored by her dress.  It's fine. It really is.  I just like a lot more fluff than that.  I couldn't convince her of anything else, so I decided to re-work it.  When I was finished I asked her "Do you love your princess dress?" to which she replied "Uh, No."  I could have died, but then she said "I'm a QUEEN!"  And she wouldn't take it I live to sew another day. Well, here she is, my Queen Snow White.

Like most things I make, no one pattern really did it for me. I like to combine elements to make something my own...which takes a lot of time and I end up hating myself.  Luckily, I've been missing my machine, so even though the changes meant added time, I enjoyed myself.  No one likes a grumpy Crystal, so everyone wins this time.
The majority of the costume came from McCalls 7212-  The underdress and overdress were both made from this.  But I made the underdress sleeveless and put the sleeves on the overdress because I thought it had a better flow and would be easier to wear.  I added the faux paned sleeve to make it look like Snow White since that was who I was supposed to be making...Uh DUH. 
The lower sleeve I made using Simplicity 4944.  I purchased a whole pattern for the sleeves.  Thank goodness Halloween is my husband's favorite holiday, too; it validates my spending on this.  I used a pretty, soft stretch lace because I wanted a really nice drape. It looks great and is super comfy for my sensory sensitive girl.
For the collar, I used Simplicity 2817.  Yep!  I bought a pattern for the collar.  Now the original pattern had a collar, but I didn't like it :::SIGH::: I'm like a toddler at mealtime sometimes.  I LOVED the fact that the collar was removable!  So what did I do?  I attached it anyway, because I ended up liking that better.  I HAVE ISSUES.
The accessories are just as important as the costume here...wait, no they're not, BAHA!  I'm so funny.  But they really did finish off the costume.  I purchased the apple brooch on etsy and the black snood and flower tiara at the local renaissance fair.

Overall my daughter got the Disney character she was looking for and I got to have fun designing and creating.  WINNING!
Now all princesses Queens have to have a little fun, so here are the sillies and giggles.

Happy Halloween you guys!  I have been loving all of the costumes I've been seeing and reading about on people's blogs.  This is seriously my favorite time of year.  Just remember look out for poisoned apples (even the photoshopped ones because you forgot to bring the one you bought with you).

Halloween 2015: Crystal Part 1

I haven't blogged since June because there's a LOT going on in my home, but there's nothing like Halloween to get me out of the cave I live in. This year's costumes were just sooooo much fun to make.  Both kids had actual opinions about what they wanted to be.  Usually, my son ends up being his sister's costume sidekick (Anna, The White Rabbit, Twink from Rainbow Brite) but this year he wanted his own thing.  I gave him the freedom to pick whatever he wanted and I happily accepted the challenge he gave me: A dragon!  Actually, he requested "A dragon RAWR that's green". 

I started with the bodysuit.  I used Jalie pattern 3135.  It was a surprisingly easy sew!  I measured my guy's torso before I started though, because he's cursed with his mommy's long torso.  At 3 years old, I had to add 3" and really could have added another.  CRAZY LONG CHILD! There's a crotch gusset thing (back with my technical terms you all love) was great for movement, but was VERY uncomfortable for him.  I had to sew the seams down to add comfort.  After I did that, he loved it. 

His Mask was made using this Dragon mask pattern from Oxeye Daisey patterns.  Her patterns are SO COOL and she is incredibly sweet. Buy all of her patterns.  Seriously.  Go do it.  Anyway, I covered my felt with the scales fabric in order to keep it cohesive, so that added way more time to the project. But it was so incredibly worth it. I also used glitter foam and glitter sheets instead of more more time...and more blisters. 

The Tail, gloves, wings, and breast plate were my own creations.  I won't be doing a tutorial because I will never make them again.  Nopety nope nope nope.  They weren't hard, but they took forever and I got blisters on my fingers from all of the hand-stitching.  My hands aren't dainty anymore!  What the crap?!?!  I need my dainty hands!  They're the only dainty thing I

Also...yes, my son is covered in glitter.  But it's manly glitter.  And if you're my child, there will be glitter. 

Have a spooky Halloween and make sure to check in soon for my girl's costume!

Back to school tees, a bit of I spy, and family time

A lot of you have little ones that have already started school.  One of my nieces started the last week of July!  Bopper and Sweets however don't start until September so my back to school sewing is still just getting going.

Turtle Power!

Bopper has been OBSESSED with Ninja Turtles.  Not sure when the obsession started but it was full swing prior to going to his grandparents' for the summer and was continuing strong when he got home.  Needless to say when we went fabric shopping afterwards he returned he picked out this fabric.