Happy Hunger Games: Girl on Fire

Hey! It's Karly here posting about my Happy Hunger Games Tour look!
I am a HUGE fan of the Hunger Games. When the books came out I was very hesitant to read them because of the craze that kind of followed, and after Twilight (sorry, no Twilight fans here...) I really cringed at the thought of another series I wouldn't enjoy and would waste my precious reading time on.
Then my mum started telling me how much the main character reminded her of me (first book Katniss) and I could not resist reading them to find out. Then obviously I couldn't put the books down and a new fan was born!

Uptown/Downtown Expansion Pack Tour by Sew Straight and Gather

Hey everyone!  It’s been minute since we’ve posted- we’ve all been dealing with life stuff. Stupid life stuff!  We're back today as part of a pattern tour!  WOO HOO!  But not just ANY tour, this one's a little special; it's for an expansion pack for an existing pattern.  WOAH.  I just blew your mind, I know it.

I was feeling a little blog neglectful, so when I saw my chance to sign up for the Uptown/ Downtown Dress Expansion Pack Tour by Sew Straight and Gather, I was like “YES!”  It’s such an unbelievably cute dress- just the thing to get me out of my funk.  I’m so happy to be a part of this tour because of how cool the designer was about releasing her expansions.  Instead of charging for them, she offered them to her customers for FREE just because she felt like it.  How cool is that?!?!?  About a billion cool- that’s how much.  So here it is!

If you’ve been following the tour, you probably know what’s included in the expansion, but here’s the list: cowl neck, long sleeves, pockets, tank top, and maxi length.  With that many added options, you can get a plethora of looks from ONE PATTERN.  Value- yes!  I’m all over that like Miley on a wrecking ball...but less gross, not naked and I won’t be licking things.  Ok...bad imagery.  Changing the subject.  Changing the subject.  Oh!  There’s also an added BONUS tutorial for a color-blocked waist panel.  SAWEET.

For my girl’s dress, I chose to utilize the cowl, longsleeves and pockets.  The cowl is super warm and my girl loves pulling it over her head like a crazy person.  The long sleeves obviously also aid in the avoidance of bodily freezing, plus, they’re très chic.  Paired with boots this combo is super cute, but it also works with sneakers and leggings for the crazy superhero kapow kid who also loves wearing dresses.

The pockets are awesome because all kids love pockets.  I chose to do them in a yellow knit so they’d stand out and add a little more color.  I love color!

My girl is IN LOVE with this dress.  She’s in heaven when I sew with knit, because it makes for easy movement and let’s face it- it’s super comfy.  This dress is a truly fun sew and just what I needed to get me back into the sewing groove.  I can’t wait to try some of the other options when the weather warms up again, but I’m in no hurry for that to happen.  I’ll just sew a few more winter versions- oh darn.


Don’t forget to check out the other awesome bloggers on the tour.  You can see the list on the image below.

Also, here’s a giveaway because free expansions pair well with a free pattern!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you choose not to wait to win it, buy it with the coupon code UPTOWNEXPANSION25 for 25% off!  This coupon also works on the Etage dress in the shop or Etsy, so stock up while the gettin’s good.   The discount is good through Saturday the 22nd.