Happy Birthday Grandma, I miss you

I'm going to be a bit sappy and head down a long road of memory lane.  You see today would have been my grandmother's 88th birthday.

Project Run & Play Season 9 Sew-along: Week 1

Hey guys!  It's Crystal here and its Project Run & Play time!  We all like to follow Project Run & Play over here at TWSC.  Last season, our very own Karly won the whole shebang!  The new season is about to begin and, we’re all super excited to sew along when we can and vote for our favorite looks each week.  You should sew along too...because all the cool kids are doing it. The theme for this week is Put me in the Zoo.  It’s time to go wild!

Sofia the First...AND LAST

I’ve got Disney on the brain!  We’re taking the oldest for her birthday as she’s finally reached the specified Disneyland age of this family.  We refuse to take the kids younger than we feel they’d have a good time...AND we’d have a good time.  Let’s face it- we have no desire to waste almost $200 a day because of whining and naptimes.  Since this is the absolute FIRST Disney experience for her, we’re doing the whole shebang- character dining and makeovers OH, MY!  I’m more excited than she is at this point because she doesn’t really know what Disneyland is.  Anyway, I’m making 2 princess dresses for her (one for each day) and I just finished the first.  Say “hello” to Princess Sofia!

Vanilla Custard TWO ways: Creme Brûlée-ish and Fruit Tart

This past Valentines I made my husband and myself Chocolate Pots de Creme.  We both loved it and best of all it was two serving sizes-- two 5 oz ramekins.  My husband thought it was super rich though so he would have preferred an even smaller size!  So my brain got to thinking how can I make this different?  And we now have a creme brûlée of sorts and a Fruit Tart or something that resembles one.  They are smaller as my husband requested but I used the same recipe and just split it 6 ways.  Want all the goodness for yourself and one other?  Break out the 5 oz ramekins and skip the mini graham cracker pies.

Just Add Jeans

So..... Sometimes I impulse buy pdf patterns... Sometimes I regret these pattern impulse buys and sometimes not. Now a week ish ago I got an email from pattern anthology for a secret presale buy on their new women's collection, Just Add Jeans. I didn't think I just clicked buy now. 

Craft Tutorial Review: Duct Tape Rose Ring by Quiet Mischief

I think it was MacGyver that drew me to a love of duct tape.  I imagine he would be ready to propose, realize that he’d forgotten the ring, see duct tape in his car and somehow make a real diamond using only duct tape, his tears and a lock of his golden hair. Here at TWSC, we’re all about being better crafters.  I’m not super crafty outside of sewing, so I’ve dubbed myself a “Crap-fter”.  I’m working on it. Well, I have always loved seeing what people create using duct tape, so I got to work (opened another internet tab and googled) looking for a duct tape project that maybe I could possible do.  The folks over at Quiet Mischief have managed to MacGuyver their magic into creating a tutorial for a super cool duct taperose ring. HOLY YES!  Then I saw that they sold a combo tutorial for the heart as well- um MINE.  What they’ve made is flipping awesome and we’re so lucky that they’ve shared their how-to brilliance to the public.  Here’s what this crap-fter (me) was able to come up with on my FIRST TRY:

St. Patrick's Day Lunch

First off, Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I'm Mae from over at The Life Of A Compulsive Crafter. I was asked by the lovely ladies at TWSC to guest blog once a month and quickly said yes!
Though I'm not much of a gourmet cook (eek, recipe please!), I still enjoy being in the kitchen. Today I chose to take a super simple and well known lunch option, tuna sandwiches - and show you a fun way to green them up and make them a bit healthier for St. Patrick's Day.

Rainbow crayons

If your house is like mine, coloring is a major activity.  Of course with coloring comes the dreaded broken crayons that sink to the bottom of the container never to be used again.  Until now!

St. Patty's day is a perfect excuse to make up some rainbow crayons.  You might want to try and layer colors or just have a mod podge of color in your new crayons.  During the summer you could use metal cans and if you live in one of those unfortunate hot spots melt your crayons outdoors to avoid heating up the oven.  

What you need: broken crayons, old muffin tin or silicone cupcake liners you are willing to sacrifice, a source of heat, and a little time.


Wow! I am blown away with our lovely and witty Lola's! If you haven't read all the awesome posts, take a moment to take in all the many awesome reasons why this dress pattern is for you!

Lola Off

The 50 Shades of Lola

What's up?  I'm Brianne from Ali Cat & Co.  All of the ladies at TWSC are dear, dear friends of mine.

They must feel the same way, because at 2:30pm yesterday, they asked me to do a guest post today on my Victory Lola.  They said they were in a pinch and needed some help.

I totally called BS on them.  I think the real reason is because no one wanted to post the day after

But I'm not one to back down.

Introducing The 50 Shades of Lola.

Lola is a Douche Bag

Ass, grass, or cash. No free rides.

Lola! BAM!

It’s my turn to Lola!  Don’t I look AWESOME?  You know...awesome enough to win?!?!?  I do, you know it.  Let me sell you on it a little....

Hello LOLA! Mee-ow!

Hello Lola! Victory Patterns Lola tunic
We SHE's are so excited to do a Lola off this week! Yesterday you saw Viever's, tomorrow you get to see another Lola from a different SHE. and Today, well today you lucky cats you get to see mine!

Her name was Lola. She was a showgirl.

It's been awhile since my last post.  The last time I put together a post it was my stuffed pork chop recipe which looks like it went uncontested in the pork off/stuff off so I guess I WIN!  LOL.  My fellow SHEs have gotten bogged down by obligations to family and this little thing called having a life.  So we've been on a bit of a hiatus from our blog but we hope to change that starting now.

 With a throw down of sorts: A who wore it best?  We give you Victory Pattern's Lola.  Myself and two of my wonderful partners in crime have sewn up and worn this pattern.  We each will give our own review for the pattern and then on Friday, March 7th we will open it up for you to vote which "she" wore it best.  Announcing a winner on Monday, March 10th.  What do we win?  Bragging rights, my friend, bragging rights.

And so I give you my version of Lola sans pockets, taken in at the back seams about an inch, and fantastically comfy.

Viever's Lola-- That's What She Crafted