The 50 Shades of Lola

What's up?  I'm Brianne from Ali Cat & Co.  All of the ladies at TWSC are dear, dear friends of mine.

They must feel the same way, because at 2:30pm yesterday, they asked me to do a guest post today on my Victory Lola.  They said they were in a pinch and needed some help.

I totally called BS on them.  I think the real reason is because no one wanted to post the day after

But I'm not one to back down.

Introducing The 50 Shades of Lola.

Lola is a Douche Bag

Ass, grass, or cash. No free rides.

Lola don't read

good thing the Kama Sutra has pictures

Lola does Man Sh*t

will break up over text message

Lola is Promiscuous

twerkin er'body

Lola blasts dem biceps

Suns out Guns out

Lola likes cruisin for chicks

Haulin ass, gettin paid

Lola is yo Homegirl

until you run out of beer

What is your Lola saying?

Vote for me!


  1. You guys kill me! That mustache pic was awesome and I hope your lola cruises for girls near my house. hahahahahaha


  2. You girls have certainly got great senses of humour, laughed all the way through :) Kicking that Lola's butt!