Oh SNAP! My Conference Overview

So everyone’s been writing about their experiences with SNAP and most are in “this many things I learned at SNAP” format.  Why swim against the current?  Sometimes there are sharks!

I give you “5 things I learned about MYSELF at SNAP”

1.)    I CAN NOT function without strong coffee multiple times a day.  Seriously y’all.  I knew I had a coffee addiction, but WHAT THE WHAT?!?! I left my purse behind after every meal without fail.  I left things in the hotel room constantly.  I forgot people’s names that I talked to a LOT.  I decided to get myself a cup of good coffee knowing that I’d need it and guess what!  I was so energy deprived that I spilled the darned thing all over the lobby the first day while talking to someone I just met.

Which leads me to point 2..

2.)    I am terrible with first impressions.  Oh, I start off great.  And then I mess up.  The last day, I was giving my business card to a gal and I dropped my keys.  I went back to get them and as I walked back towards her, I FELL ON MY FACE.  Like totally fell.  And no one really knew how to act.  I was alone, so I didn’t have anyone to laugh at me to break the ice.  It was like...um...you fell...now what?  And really, what were they supposed to do? (“they” meaning the poor gal I stumbled toward and the 2 gals walking by lucky enough to catch the act).  They asked me how I was but any further conversation about it would surely only make my shade of red brighter.  So I sulked off and had a little “WHY DO I HAVE TO BE SUCH A KLUTZ” cry in the hotel room.  I blame the lack of coffee.

3.)    I’m just as terrible a student today as I was 13 years ago.  I like to talk.  I like to talk a lot.  I also like to listen and giggle and waste time.  I pay attention and take notes when someone is talking because I have manners and appreciate the time and energy a teacher puts into a class.  But dude, “work time” after lecture is like a party for me.  During the sewing room classes we took, I listened intently and then didn’t finish my projects because I was too busy asking everyone what they blogged about, if they had kids, where they lived, if they had seen me spill my coffee....

4.)      I don’t look as good in peplum as I thought.  I saw pictures.  Trust me.

5.)    I really do love what we do here on That’s What SHE Crafted.  You guys, there were so many amazing crafters at SNAP.  They were skilled, but also just really kind and helpful people and I know there are more out there that I am passionate about promoting.  GOOD PEOPLE, you guys.   I spilled my coffee and the woman helped me clean with a smile on her face.  I fell flat on my face and on my way home, I met up with the girl I fell in front of and she never mentioned once that it happened (until I brought it up), but carried on pleasant conversation without judgment. As a matter of fact she told me not to be embarrassed and then shared her very own awkward girl stories with me.  I could have hugged her. I talked to so many people that were willing to waste sewing time, like I was, in order to get to know one another and network both professionally and personally.  We create from our hearts and these women have beautiful hearts.

Now for the nitty gritty about SNAP.  

 It was an amazing conference.  We had some fabulous classes offered. Karly and I opted for about 90% hands-on type classes.  We took full advantage of the Sewing Room hosted by Simple Simon.  This was the first year with a sewing room and we were in heaven using all of those Baby Lock machines.  Kris with My Girlfriend’sQuilt Shop in Logan, UT was fabulous with helping with any questions about the machines.  If you're in the area, look her up and say "hi".  Chances are that you'll make a fabulous new friend like I did!  In the sewing room, we took a class on making kids shorts taught by Dana from MADE, a screenprinted scarf class taught by Ashley with Lil Blue Boo, A quilt square class taught by Amy from Diary of a Quilter, and open sew on the last day.  We had the choice to take either a technical class or Power Tools 101 hosted by Kelly & Meagan with Ryobi and the Tim Allen in us won that battle.  We also took a publishing class which was taught by Gina with Shabby Creek Cottage (who cracked me up with her love of Macklemore) and Jo with Where Women Create which was VERY informative since these ladies have been there and know their stuff.  We also went on a thrift store tour hosted by Brooke with All Things Thrifty (who was the most adorable ever) and it was fantastic! She shared tips and tricks and we got to buy old fabulous things! I came home with a pretty lace tablecloth that may be turned into a dress for me someday ;)

We spent many hours taking our time getting to know the sponsors and managed to visit every single one before the conference ended.  You guys don’t realize how much these companies give.  They provide so much beyond what the price of our tickets pay for.  And once again, they are GOOD people!  They want us to succeed because when we look good, they look good and then the world looks good because crafters know how to bring it!  Please take time to visit their FB pages and give them likes.  Trust me, they like you too!

There were many parties, meals and contests hosted throughout the conference that Tauni and her team worked their butts off to give.  They scheduled amazing keynote speakers that made you think, laugh, cry and get up and dance.   We got a concert and pearls of wisdom from Alex Boye and were fortunate enough to be inspired by the words of Erica from P.S. I Made This (who I want to be my new best friend), Olympian- Noelle Pikus-Pace, and Rachael Herrscher from Today's Mama.  It was an amazing line-up of talented, hard-working, and REAL people.

I want to give a giant thank you to Simple Simon and my pal Jeanine.  Simple Simon gave away a free ticket to SNAP and Jeanine won and gifted it to me because she knew how badly I wanted to go.  If you’re reading this Jeanine, I am SO GRATEFUL.  I learned so much and had a blast.  Liz & Elizabeth, you guys were so sweet in person and I am so glad we got to talk and become better acquainted.  You rocked the very first SNAP sewing room.  FULL classes every time is pretty B.A.  It was a lot of hard work (we could all tell), but you pulled it off better than anyone could have asked for!  You guys helped craft an amazing experience for me...even if I did spill my coffee...did I mention that?

P.S. Karly posted this pic of me on her post and I want to kill her.  I look like Sloth from The Goonies.  I love you Karly, but I will have my revenge someday.



  1. Perfect recap! For the record you make great first impressions, you won me over. I think you're hilarious (and not a laugh at you when you fall kinda way), and you certainly have such a sweet heart! So glad to have met you and Karly, you really made my trip!