Super Seamstress- KA CHOW!

I’m a selfish seamstress.  What I mean is that I usually only make projects that I want to make for my own reasons... a dress for me, a stuffy for my kids, a gift from me to the nephews, etc. Usually when someone asks “Can you make _____ for me?  I’ll pay you.”, I groan a little and say “no” (politely, of course).  It’s not that I’m a big old jerk, it’s just that for me, sewing is my fun and a release and once you MAKE me do it, I just want to throw feces.  My sewing time is also pretty limited, so I try to spend all that time making the projects I WANT to make.  Every once in a while, though, there’s a project I can’t refuse.  These project requests are usually made by family members which are like required “yeses”, but sometimes, it’s just fun and I want to do it.  BOTH of those things happened this go around- the time I made that cape for my sister’s nephew (my daughter is modeling and everything is worthy of a girly pose).

Now, at first I did groan a little; it’s just my natural response.  But I love helping out my family and my sister really couldn’t find anything her nephew would really love and that she’d love to give. There are far too many cheapy capes out there.  Anything would have been better than the towels little man has been coming to grandma’s house in, but she wanted something special that would last him a while and wouldn’t start shedding or fraying after the first rescue mission. So she asked if I could make a cape like the one I made for her boy.  I already have the pattern (GrammaAllie’s Superhero Cape pattern) and I’ve made 5, so they don’t take too long anymore.  I was totally on board.  Then I asked for ideas of what the boy likes.  “I think he likes cars. Not sure what colors he likes. Do whatever you want.”  This is whatever I wanted.

I used a few solids (red, black, charcoal grey, yellow) and this Cars Fabric from Joann’s for the inside and for the Lightning McQueen applique on the back.  For the front McQueen, my pal made me an embroidered patch since she wanted to try out the applique function on her machine anyway.  She did a flipping great job!  I have an embroidery machine, too...maybe I should learn how to use it.  The circles were made by tracing bowls.  Yep!  I make my own complex circle templates.  Be impressed. All of the shapes were just appliqued on like a boss.  I think it turned out rather nicely and what boy doesn’t love cars, anyway?

These capes are ALWAYS a hit.  They’re pretty much the easiest dress up a kid can have and they’re great for boys and girls...and crazy adults that have nothing to wear for Halloween and go rummaging through their kids’ dress-up bin 20 minuted before Trick or Treating.


There’s one happy superhero today...and that little boy will probably be happy too.


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