Getting mugged with Expression Vinyl

EEP! So excited about today's post, it is a little outside of my comfort zone (which is sewing), but I have a Silhouette and it has been sitting here not getting the use it deserves and so when Expressions Vinyl inspired me, I jumped at the chance! 

I started off simple last week with a mario inspired shirt

So today we are working with Expressions Vinyl! They sell all sorts of stuff for vinyl crafting - including the Silhouette cutting machines - which is what I use for my vinyl cutting. 

PS. Read to the end - there is a coupon code and a chance to win!

This is what I made,  plain boring white mugs look ADORABLE! :

I love that the site clearly lists uses for each product. I am soooo new to this that I really needed it to be dummy proof since I had no idea what exactly to order. 

If you are green like me - trust the settings on your machine, I was scared it wouldn't cut through so i increased the thickness setting - BAD idea! I had to restart. But even with a restart and not having a clue what I was doing this was a simple one lazy evening project.

 So I re-cut and it was so exciting to pull the negative space vinyl off and see my design perfectly cut sticking there, and then I put transfer tape over the design so I could easily get it onto the mug - pps. order PLENTY of transfer tape, after one project I am convinced I should have picked up more haha.

and then you press down and it sticks to the mug - the vinyl lifts right away from that very sticky transfer tapes and stays on the mug  - the transfer tape just peels away. Nothing hard or complicated or messy about it! It is amazing!

See, fun morning mug! Do you know someone who is not a morning person and could use this as their coffee cup? It is an easy craft to do! 

Then I was a bit hooked... so I searched the cupboards for another plain white something and found this soup mug, it clearly needed a face!

and of course the man needed something too, he looooves tea and the A-Team! I weeded the design and then put it on transfer tape and now it can just sit flat in my drawer waiting for me to find a mug big enough to put this on! Seriously - so fun and so cool working with this!

I am starting to browse pinterest looking for ideas... and coming up with some of my own... There will be plenty more vinyl crafting posts in this blog's future! This might be a new addiction.... I wonder what else I can find tov inyl... 

Now here is the FUN part for you!

  1. a 10% off code at Expressions Vinyl using the code : THATSWHATSHECRAFTED
  2. A GIVEAWAY for a $25 digital gift card! 

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A big thanks from us atto Expressions Vinyl


  1. Mr. Tea is great! I seriously need a Silhouette. For reals. Because I want to make all those things.

  2. My kitchen canisters and soap dispensers. I would also like to monogram some large candles for presents!

  3. Since back to school is comming. I would do up some note books for my girls.

  4. I would like to make some wall art