Crafting-Con Craft Off: Viever

So the challenge, create an everyday look that uses one of the following geeky (come on these are actually pretty cool, wait did I just admit my geekiness?) themes: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Avengers, Disney Princesses, Disney Villains, Hunger Games, The Hobbit, Dr. Who, Mario Brothers, Divergent, Disney (general theme excluding Princesses), and Board Game.

Crystal showed off her Geek badge with an awesome outfit in tribute to Star War's the RebelAlliance flight suit yesterday.  Did you see the vest?!  Brilliant!  The (crafting) force is strong in Crystal.

I have a certain little boy in my house who has been introduced to super heroes in general by his very "geeky" uncle.  My boy is OBSESSED so what's a mom to do but make his super hero dreams come true.  So I picked the Avengers theme.  S is crazy about Captain America, and hey his mama likes watching him too on the big screen.  Last year, we bought a Captain America costume, among several others, and some accessories post Halloween (woot 50%-75% off at Target!) and they get regular play at our house but they aren't the best for every day wear, especially in the summer.  Who wants to get all sweaty in polyester while trying to save the planet!?  And so an idea was born.

That's right my two cuties in decked out in Captain America attire fit for running, jumping, climbing trees, and all in a comfy lightweight cotton knit!

I again used Figgy's Tee for Two. You sick of me using this pattern yet?  Well if it ain't broke don't fix it is a motto here!  But this time I actually did the second of the two patterns included!  V is wearing my first version of the dress! 

I did modify the t-shirt a touch to get the stripes and for some reason I was having major collar issues.  I'm going to blame the knit I used as I've NEVER had this problem before but cutting a touch longer for both collars did the trick and we got those tee over my kids' noggins.  I also added a belt for V's dress as I didn't want to cut up the dress to create the stripes.

For the stripes I took the shirt piece and traced out a curve I wanted to follow then cut that portion of the front off.  Taking that piece I grabbed my handing tracing paper traced out the piece and then mapped out my red and white striped pieces.  I used the same template for V's belt which is why it turned out so wide but it works.  

For the star I used an embroidery file from Embroidery Library called Simple Star.  You can't quite tell from the pictures but I used silver and white coloring on the star to give it more of a popped look.

Anyway my kids were thrilled to wake up and find their shirts.  It spurred a morning of super hero play that included a rescue of the blue dog Patsy from a tree and running around our front yard fighting off imaginary villains.  Gotta get ready to face that big bad world!

Rescuing Patsy proved to be a daunting task only for Big Brother Capt. America with Lil' Sis Capt. America watching on very concerned for Patsy's well being with Patsy's unnamed dog friend.  

V also took the opportunity to do some getting dressed practice while S was up in the tree.  She needed to make sure no one would know her identity...  Can you see her super proud smile while she finally figured out how to get the mask on all by herself?  Sadly I can't say that I made the mask but the kids had to have it out when they saw their outfits.

And so once again Mommy saves the day or at least the morning with a fantastic pattern and a little imagination.  So happy to help my kiddos save the world defeating one imaginary bad guy at a time. Now anyone up for getting some shwarma?

Can't wait to see what the rest of the SHEs have dreamed up and don't forget to vote at the end of the week!  Winner goes on to compete in the Disney Princess theme over at Crafting-Con in September!


  1. Replies
    1. Very happy! Which makes Mama happy.

  2. Your kids must la-la-love you! These are super awesome!!

    1. Oh love, such a fickle thing when it comes to kids... i believe about an hour after this shoot I was back to being the meanest mommy in the world. Something about having enough crackers at lunch? --Viever

  3. So cute! The Cap is my favorite, too - I'm afraid my son likes Iron Man the best though! I can't wait to see who wins!

    1. My son is slowly learning the other super heroes but Capt. America has been a favorite from the beginning. This past week he discovered Wonder Woman and Bat Girl. --Viever