Crafting-Con Craft-Off: Crystal

You guys, I’m a geek.  Like really, I am.  I am not a hipster geek that wears glasses and think Hayden Christiansen did a good job in Star Wars.  I am a real bonafied geek.  I love all things Lord of the Rings (with the exception of Tom Bombadil- I hate that guy), Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica(2004), Firefly & Merlin.  I’ve played world of Warcraft and enjoyed it.  I married a Dungeon Master- yes, the man I love plays D&D.  Yes, I just called it “D&D” and not “Dungeons and Dragons”.  I find science fascinating and feel like Science fiction should become reality before I die. I dress up for renaissance festivals.  I will be Cosplaying at a Comic Convention in October.  I AM GEEK.   So when I heard of Crafting-Con...yeah, I wanted in.

The SHEs are up for a spot in the September theme of Crafting Con (Disney Princesses).  We are going to fight to the...not DEATH, but to  for that spot!  We decided that we’d each make a look from whichever of the Crafting-Con themes that Spoke to us.  These are the themes:

Harry Potter
Star Wars
Disney Princesses
Disney Villains
Hunger Games
The Hobbit
Dr. Who
Mario Brothers
Disney (no princesses allowed)
Board Games

WARNING: Massive amounts of geeky information about to seep into your brain.  I hope you’re ready.

My choice was an easy one-I chose Star Wars because that’s the geeky that started it all for most of us.  I had one rule for myself, though... I HAD to use what was in my stash already.  We’re saving for Stan Lee’s Comikaze, so yeah.  No spending!  The big problem I had was color. The original 3 movies (you know, the ones that weren’t mistakes) have very little color.  Lots of grey, black, brown, tan, white...not a lot of BLAMMO!  I LOVE color, so I went to the most colorful costume in the trilogy- the RebelAlliance flight suit.

The rules of CraftingCon state that all items made should be able to be worn not as a costume, but as everyday garments.  I made the tunic from the inspiration of the Hummingbird dress by Rabbit Rabbit creations.  I don’t own that pattern but I wanted to make a top like that...but no spending money.  I drafted something similar on my own and I love the way it turned out!  If you can't draft on your own, just buy the pattern.  It's easier that way anyhow. I used orange fabric that I previously got at the thrift store for $1 for a little over a yard...SCORE!  The white was an upcycle from an old RTW dress that no longer fit my girl. The back straps represent the X-wing fighters that Luke flies when he made the shot that destroyed the Death Star..totally went there.  She can be Anti-republic everywhere she goes.  People at the grocery store will be like “There’s a cute girl in an orange top.”  They have no idea that she can blast away an epic weapon and space station with one little PEW!

The vest is super awesome and my favorite part.  I wanted it to look like the flight vest, but not like a costume.  I added some silver and black piping to make an otherwise simple vest into something pretty epic.  The patch on the front of the vest is the Symbol for the Jedi Order and is just a pinned on patch. It’s a little nod to Luke’s relationship with the force.   It comes off and makes this vest a bit but more “every day”.  The applique on the back is permanent because it can be.  No one sees the back of you until you walk away.  She’ll walk away in geeky style, baby. This emblem is the symbol of the Rebel Alliance.  In the movie it can be seen on Luke’s helmet, but I decided to throw it on the back. The pattern I used is an altered version of pattern 118 from the Little Darlings line by Enchanted Forest Inc.

That’s my whole look and I hope you geeked out a little.  I’m super happy that I was able to take neon orange flight suit inspiration and turn it into something cute for my girl.  And now she looks like a nerd girl; and nerd girls are BADASS.

Do YOU want to compete in future CraftingCons?  Sign up here!  Spots are filling fast!



  1. This is sooo COOL Crystal! I love it! That vest is just amazing - I'm geeking out over here...
    Amy :)

  2. Wow ... I mean, wow. This is all kinds of cool and has so much imagination on it. The other she's better bring it, cause your going to be difficult to beat!!!

  3. Just love this SO MUCH! That vest is wayyy too cute. I hope you are successful with your audition!

  4. Thank you so much, everyone!