CraftingCon Craft-off: Jenn

So the challenge, create an everyday look that uses one of the following "geeky" themes: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Avengers, Disney Princesses, Disney Villains, Hunger Games, The Hobbit, Dr. Who, Mario Brothers, Divergent, Disney (general theme excluding Princesses), and Board Game. 

I could have made something for the kids.... but honestly their wardrobes are pretty full. 
So I took the challenge to make an everyday wear item for me!  I dress like a grown up on a regular basis. I mean I love colour, but style wise I don't really go over the top. So I knew I'd have to pick a simple design shirt and go subtly for the geek. 

I am a big Nintendo fan. I love the Mario's, Zelda's, Donkey Kongs, etc. Just don't try and make me play a sports game!!! yuck and boooooorrrrriiiiinnnnnnggggggg! When I saw Mario as an option for CRAFTICON I figured I'd go for that one. I used some great heat transfer vinyl from Expressions Vinyl (and I'll talk more about that a different day)

It really was so simple to just do a few characters, princess peach, toadstool, luigi and mario running around my shirt! I love that this is a shirt I can wear everyday too and not feel out of place taking the kids somewhere or going shopping in. 

For the shirt I used the Seafarer pattern by Sew Much Ado, a nice easy dolman style sew! 
For pocket placement I'm going to show you my little tip to make it EASY: 

Yep, I cut the pocket nearly out and then I can line it up and pic right to the fabric!

and here you can see the nicely placed Mario characters, not too obvious but clearly a bit of fun. 



  1. I like that you changed it up and made a shirt for yourself! Plus, super-mario? Classic! Great job!

  2. So fun! I love the characters racing around the hem! I kinda think I may need to copy you now... :)