Crafting Con Craft-Off: Karly

Since Zoe needed another shirt to go with her Star Wars shorts, I decided to go with Star Wars with my theme for our mini-competition to see who gets to compete in the September Disney Princess Crafting Con. 

I used Sew Much Ado's Skipper Top (my favorite t-shirt top for my girls!).
Zoe is her own little person and very much into getting people to see her way, so this saying was perfect for her. I used freezer Stenciling, cause I love it, and I had to add Yoda on as well.
He's a little evil looking, but it works with the saying. 

Zoe was not in the mood to take pictures, so I almost got Jedi Mind tricked myself to let her go catch bugs in the yard......

Totally worked, cause the next second she was gone.....


  1. Love your shirt! It would be a big hit at my house. I may have to borrow your idea.

  2. Love this so much! The Yoda is perfect - even with the evil eyes :)