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I will NOT be left out of the fabulousness that is SisBoom's Jenny.  Last month our SHE's held a Jenny off (Guest Post: Jeanine, Karly, Winner: Crystal) while I was off on vacation (and by vacation I mean a trip in which I took my two littles on an airplane by myself and spent two weeks in triple degree heat; however still wouldn't have traded it for anything as my kiddos got awesome quality time with both sets of grandparents, their cousins, their aunts and uncle, their great grandparents, and various other friends and family.)  So now that I'm home, it's on.

I pick out fabric from my bin that was purchased with my mother in law when she was teaching me how to sew... seven, eight years ago.  It was originally slated to be a skirt, and I only had 2.5 yards to make my medium Jenny.

As suggested, I started with a muslin.  Fit was pretty much spot on.  Didn't want to mess with it too much as I didn't have the right length zipper (remember all my stuff was bought many moons ago). On to the actual cutting and sewing!  I managed to squeeze out the pieces from my fabric and didn't even need my back up plain fabric to use as my lining pieces.  Wahoo!

Sewed up beautifully.  If I had a longer zip the only adjustments I'd make would be to take in the bodice a touch and maybe shorten it's length.

The dress is fantastic.  Perfect for running around town, a lunch date, play date, and parent-teacher conference.   Or just spinning on your deck with your little one (not pictured... but I swear she's there!)

Happy twirling!  Oh and if you love the look but not really a dress person?  Check out Crystal's tutorial on making a high waisted Jenny skirt!


  1. You look beautiful Vieve!

    1. Thanks Mae! It's amazing how one feels in a dress made just for them!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Karly. Though if I do recall you looked pretty stunning yourself in your Jenny.