Heat Transfer Vinyl Fun with Expressions Vinyl!

Ok people listen up! I have some fun to share with you today!!!
Do you remember this shirt from my CRAFTICON post, and then I promised you I'd share more about it later? Well today is "later". 

First off I used a Silhouette to cut my vinyl. why do you ask? Well it is the cutting machine I have. and I fricken love that I can grab an image and trace it in the program. When you cut to vinyl you are going to want to mirror your image. I didn't use words so it really wouldn't have mattered a lot if I didn't mirror such a basic shape, but I knew which way Mario and friends run across the screen - I have the games! 

I used Siser easy weed vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. and let me tell you - it is EASY to weed!!!!! I've weeded other things before and it felt more torturous than watching golf on tv, which for me is worse than watching paint dry. This easy weed stuff just lifted right off, nothing ripped or pulled and the backing is slightly sticky so the pieces I wanted to stay on the backing to iron to the shirt nicely stayed on the backing!

Then I went on over to Expressions Vinyl's you tube channel and watched this video, if you skip to about the 6:50 mark you can go right to the ironing bit. This shirt was my very first attempt at heat transfer vinyl so I figured I should watch a demo first and all the tips and hints in that video are AMAZING!!! Plus he uses an everyday iron - which is perfect since I do not have a heat press. So, if you want to learn the finer points of ironing on heat transfer with an iron I highly recommend the video!

This project was so much fun and such an easy first project! I will be on the lookout for more things to vinyl forsure! Plus, I have a bunch more vinyl so keep an eye out for more non sewing projects using vinyl! or maybe sewing projects using vinyl... Who knows really, we SHE'S like to keep things fresh!

ps see Luigi above, that is what happens when you think you should put your iron just a little bit hotter than the video recommends (even though the video warns against too hot ironing). I've learned my lesson. Trust the video and the experts when it comes to applying vinyl properly!

and yes, I still do love my shirt! Everyday with a little bit of my geek showing!

I should tell you that when Expressions Vinyl sent me the vinyl for the project, they shipped it right away and it arrived in record time to my middle of nowhere area! 

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