Compost Sifter

The compost is kind of ready but not really.  Mr. Viever decided we should attempt to build a sifter so we could sift out some of the ready stuff and leave the bigger stuff to further cook and break down.

Step one measure our wheelbarrows.  We wanted the sifter to be able to fit over both.  We also wanted to be able to have it balance on the edge and shake it up and down rather than just shift it back and forth.  We measured the length and width.  Cut two pieces to length with additional length for handles.

Then using left little chunks as "spacers" to figure out the width pieces to cut. Basically the width of the space we wanted to use minus the width of the two length pieces.

Pre-drilled holes and ASSEMBLE!

We double checked the fit.  Then Mr Viever measured out the metal screen material he bought and started cutting.

Then he clipped off the sharp edges.

And again pre-drilled holes and screwed in the the screen. Voila finished sifter!

Now to put it to work and get some of that rich compost into my garden beds!

The garden is going to LOVE this stuff!  I love my handy man Mr. Viever.  He's fantastic with this building stuff for my garden.

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