Jeanine's Jenny: Craft-off Day one!

It's another craft-off Y'all!  This time we're sewing up The Jenny by Sis Boom and it's about to get FABULOUS up in here!  We have our guest contestant this week while Genevieve and Jenn take some vacation time. Today we are bringing you Jeanine from Scientific Seamstress/ SisBoom.  She's the social media go-to gal over there, but I'm pretty sure her official title is "The Jeanine".



Let's get ready to JENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hi All!!!! My name is Jeanine and I work for the Scientific Seamstress, Carla. We have a facebook group you can find me in easily and we have a great Etsy shop filled with amazing patterns for the whole family!

 I'm really excited to be here at That's What SHE Crafted today! First of all because this blog is super fun! and secondly because I'm here to introduce the Jenny for the new SEW-off (friendly) competition!

I LOVE the Jenny dress, it has a great fit and feel to it thanks to all the AMAZING pattern and customization fit options (in the pattern pieces, no making your own!) If you want to learn more about all that the Jenny features check out this blog post about the Jenny.

With my Jenny dress I stuck to the pattern 100% so you can see exactly what one made according to the pattern looks and fits like :)

 I found this amazing soft blue with pink floral at the local Fabricland for $3/meter, which is a smoking good deal around here! I LOVE pinks and blues and florals together, so naturally I bought the remaining 5yds on the bolt.  and then I bought some coordinate in that soft almost nude pink.

I love the back of this dress! lovely fit, and still comfortable! 
I will admit to you though, I'm still a bit unsure about the fabric combo of this dress. In fact I was pretty sure I'd loooove it BEFORE I sewed it up.... but then when done I thought maybe it is a little bit more vintage than I am.  I am really only starting to like it more now that I see these pictures! I think the contrast band shows off the fit nicely and it is the fit of the dress I really am loving. 

When it comes to the Jenny I cannot say enough times - MUSLIN! A muslin is basically a practice try of your dress on cheapo fabric of same weight you will use for the final. When I muslin-ed my Jenny I only made up the bodice and I skipped the lining pieces. A muslin gives you the perfect opportunity though to get the fit you want, and since this dress has you choose your cup size, and each size has multiple cutting lines for the waistband as well a muslin really will be your friend and be worth the time to get the dress fitting how you want her to!

(and yes I DO need to get some sandals that look pretty with dresses...)

Now, Who is SUPER excited to see what some of the other SHE's have made with the Jenny pattern! I know I cannot wait to see! 

PS. Also, you should follow along all week because there will be a giveaway!!!


  1. Super sweet Jenny! I love the contrasting band. I almost did that on my first one, I think I definitely have to do it on the next!!

    1. Thanks darcie! Doing a contrast band was certainly against my comfort zone, but I do like it!

  2. Don't forget to share on my linky, Jeanine!! It's a great dress, very pretty on you.