Campfire Orange Cakes

It's summer vacation and I decided to share one of our favorite things to make during the summer. 
Campfire Orange Cakes
They are so easy and the kids love them. I mean, who doesn't love their own personal little cake??

So for this, you will need 8 oranges and 1 premade cake mix (as well as the eggs, water and vegetable oil to make the cake mix), tinfoil and a fire of some sort.

Start off by cutting off the tops of the oranges.
I like to cut off the side with the little indent in. (you can see in the picture). It makes it easier to scoop out and it also balances more easily when you put it down.

Then take a spoon and scrape out the orange.
You can also use a knife and cut it out, just depends if you want more of an orangey flavor or not.
Save the orange for another fun recipe (we'll share something sometime. lol)

Keep the tops and put your scraped out orange aside.
Repeat until all 8 oranges are like this.

Grab your cake mix and mix it up.

Then start scooping the mix into the oranges until they're filled 3/4ths of the way up.

Put the top back on the orange, put aside and repeat with the other 7 oranges.

Tear out 8 squares of tinfoil and wrap the oranges up individually.

Now we are on to cooking! 
You can use a campfire, when the fire is almost out and it's just the coals burning.
We love to use our grill.
Just stick them on there and let them sit for 25 minutes.

And you will get something like this!

Let them cool for a minute and then let the kids have at them!

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