Sewing on the cheap

I don't know about you but lately my sewing budget has been in the red and doesn't have any hope of being in the black any time soon so this summer I'm making do with what is in my stash and upcycling things us grown ups in the house are no longer using.

On top of my upcycle pile are a bunch of Mr. Viever's t-shirts that have a lot of life left in them but he just doesn't care for the color or there is a hole somewhere or a break in the seam.  I used my tried and true t-shirt pattern (you know the one you've see a million of from me, Figgy's Tee for Two) and cut the shirts along the seams for my working pieces.  I cut both the front and back along the bottom edge so that I had no need to hem.

I also cut the sleeves from the bottom edge of the sleeve pieces as well so again I could avoid hemming.

 I also used the ribbed neckband cutting it down to size but it came out a bit "wonky" so I may just go back to using the pattern piece and cut out a new neckband from the left over material.

Then before I quickly serged the pieces together I too the front piece and added an applique.  Again with those budget constraints.  I can't go and buy a bunch of new applique or embroidery patterns for my embroidery machine (I mean I can but then meeting my personal goal of getting back under budget will be a major fail).  So I scout out sites that have freebies.  I also figure that this is a good time to do freebies since I'm new to my embroidery machine and finding reputable sites with patterns that stitch out well rather than give me headaches and heartache is a plus!

Using fabric scraps I did a frilly applique heart from Planet Applique on the first shirt I completed.  Mr. Viever loves seeing his sweet baby girl in a shirt he knows was once his and loves the girlie touch of the applique (with turtles, her favorite!) to make it more hers.

She LOVES her "new" shirt and Mr. Viever loves seeing her in it!  He's already adding more "hand me downs" to my pile.

And never to be left out.  S needed a picture with his sissy.

Happy Monday!!