Tobago Babies

Hey everyone!  It’s still 9,000 degrees here and while everyone starts up their Autumn and Winter sewing, I’m still on the tank train.  Even sewing long sleeves makes my pits start dripping and my palms start warming up like little portable ovens.  We didn’t even hit long-sleeve temps in winter last year, so tanks are a fair option until about mid-November.  Luckily one of my totes fave designers (Carla with Scientific Seamstress and Sis Boom) came out with the best little tank ever about a month ago and the bonus is that it’s a fast sew.  WOO HOO!  Tobago, baby.  TOBAGO.

It’s taken me a while to write about the Sis Boom Tobago because they’re so easy to make that I didn’t even have that “I better freaking blog about this damn project that took half of my life” moment.  They just slipped into the girl’s wardrobe without stress or complications.  But they’re way too amazing to keep to myself, so you get to hear about ‘em.

The Tobago comes in lengths for top, tunic and dress which you pick by measuring.  There are two neckline options- curved and notched- and it also has a slit with button closure in the back for the smaller sized children, because toddlers have giant heads.  The sizes range from 3/6 months to 13/14 and then you have the women’s version (The Tortola releasing on its own in October.  It’s part of the road Trip Pattern Club now).  It’s a 30 minute project that anyone can sew.  The strap construction is GENIUS and if you join the Lab Group on FB, there’s a video to walk you through it.  This tank is made with WOVENS by the way.  It’s designed to be cut on the bias for drape, but I’ve made one with it on the grain and it’s still perfect.

I even made one for my boy...then he went and got all fabulous on me.

We’ll continue to bake here while you all wind down from the brief heat you’ve encountered.  I hate you all.



  1. LOVE these! and both your kids are fabulously cute!

  2. I hear you on the tank tops! It's currently 110 degrees here, no joke, and will be for another month. Then of course, one day we'll suddenly switch to two feet of snow. Weather is the worst! I can't wait for the women's version to come out :)

    1. Anything over 80 has me whining like a baby. It's a sad sight, haha! Ad you will LOVE Tortola! it's great for layering in the winter with a cardi and some cute jeans.


  3. Sleeves would be great on it so it could be worn here in Canada in the Fall and Winter!