Paisley Roots Saffron Twirl: Pattern "Somersaults"

Yo peeps!  I had my own blog and now I don't.  There were some pretty cool tutorials over there and now they're not available, so I'm slowly bringing them to this awesome blog.  First up, some Saffron Twirl dress mods!   I am so happy with the way these dresses came out! I'm going to share my tiny flips of this pattern- they're more like pattern "somersaults" actually.  We're quite a ways from the pattern Olympics.  You ready?!?!?

***Excuse the weird photo editing.  These pics were taken before I knew how to shoot well and edit like a boss.  It's a little painful, but it's all I've got right now.  Power through.  Just power through***

**********Somersault #1: The teardrop applique neckline********** 

 The only thing I added on my first dress was the teardrop appliques. You're going to need to print out this free template I put together for you. You're welcome. You know you thanked me. Make sure to print it at 100% or actual size...whichever you do normally for pattern printing. You can always increase or decrease these sizes to suit your taste, but my way is usually the best. As far as your method of applique, you can do it however you normally do it. I like to trace my shapes on to Wonder Under (write on the smooth side) and follow the manufacturers instructions for ironing it on.
 I measured out 5/8" from the edge of the raw neckline on the bodice front. Why? Because 3/8" is the SA and I gave myself 1/4" extra for any mistakes. I didn't mark on my fabric because I hate that. I just laid my clear acrylic ruler on my fabric. Then I placed my largest drop down on the center with the point touching the line (the edge of my ruler). Once I was satisfied with the placement, I ironed it into place (yay for sticky, wonderful Wonder Under). I eyeballed the placement of the rest of my drops, making sure the points all touched the line and were evenly spaced. Ironed those suckers down too. They were all like "what!?!?" Then I zigzagged around each drop. Once that's all done, you just sew the dress up as directed and it'll turn out PURTY.  

********** Somersault #2: Skirt band and contrasting ties********** 

 For the contrasting ties....I used two fabrics. Yeah, that's all. Tutorial over! For the Band on the bottom I just used math. THESE MEASUREMENTS WERE FOR THE SIZE 4! The math will be the same, but the final pieces of the larger skirt section will be larger or smaller based on the size you make. My skirt height was 16". I picked 4" for the band height because I wanted a finished band of 3.5" after the hem (hem is 1/2" total). Soooooo 16-4=12. Give yourself a sticker. Now add on SA to each piece since you have to attach them to one another.... and you have one piece that's 12 3/8" tall and one that's 4 3/8" tall. WHEW! All of that addition...making kindergartners sweat.

Now put your band on the bottom of your skirt RST and sew using your SA. Finish off that seam with a serger or zig-zag and press the seam up. Iron your seam up and top-stitch into place. Now you have a 16" tall skirt piece just as the pattern calls for.

Sew up your dress using these new skirt pieces and you're done.  WOO HOO!!!!  Winning all over the place.

You can get the Saffron dress HERE and make sure to "like" Paisley Roots on Facebook.  You can like her in real life, too.  She's a pretty cool person.  She's also one of the SHEs so, yeah.


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