Gabriella Fae by Sis Boom

Hi all,
I'm back from my extended leave.  2 months of being gone leaves this girl's fingers twitchy to get some crafting in.  That said while I was away dealing with some family business I didn't completely stop crafting thanks to sharing some of the same hobbies as my mother in law (the dear woman took me fabric shopping and let me commandeer her printer and her machines for my own use.  Then there was also the ever present knitting needles - never leave for a big trip without them!

While I was away I had the pleasure of testing Gabriella Fae by Sis Boom which is currently available as part of Pattern Revolution's Bundle Up.

The version I made was a non-ruches, long sleeved, approximately knee-above the knee length in a light corduroy that I ADORE and I do believe Sweets does too as she's worn this dress almost once a week since I've made it.  However today she doesn't want to go outside, who can blame her- it's chilly out there, so to the sunniest room in the house (her brother's room) to take some pictures and play with all his toys!

The fit of this dress is great.  Not too snug though it is fitted.  Romping worth without being too fussy or you can dress it up with some fancy fabrics and the ruches overlay.  With all the different sleeve lengths and dress lengths it's a must have for your pattern stash- a pattern to make a dress whenever your fancy strikes and the dress will be weather appropriate, rather than having to search through or franken-pattern one together.

One little disclaimer I did an exposed zipper rather than a hidden one.  Sometimes it helps to not just read the directions but also actually look at the pictures of what you are supposed to do when following directions.  It works for this fabric though so rather than rip and redo a perfectly installed zip I left it.  Plus how could I not be all happy with my lining up of the fabric through the bodice to waistband.

Like to do mommy and me dress combos?  Carolina Mae is available for women!



  1. hold the phone! when did she get so big? beautiful!

  2. Fantastic! My husband prefers the zipper exposed so he can see what he is doing when helping my daughter zip up!