Project Run & Play Week One: Pokemon!

Its that time again!  I'm so super excited that PR&P is back with a new season and a new set of themes.  I always like to sew along and since my SewJo came back, I dove right into these themes.  Let's get on with it...week one: Pokemon!

We love Pokemon around here. Well, we love the show.  We haven't had a chance to play Pokemon Go because our phone is old and can't support it...we're soooooo out of touch.  But the cartoon is a big hit in my home.  When trying to pick the perfect character, I tried to incorporate my sewing style and personality with my daughter's favorite color and there you have it!  Slurpuff!  To see this Pokemon in action, get your tush to the TV, turn on Netflix, select Pokemon XY and get to episode 27.  Its a fun one FO SHO.

Slurpuff is a fairy Pokemon that resembles something you'd find in a sweets shop-meringue!  They have very keen senses of smell and a body of puff.

For the patterns I used the Maggie Mae dress by Shwin and altered it to what I wanted.  I contoured the bodice at the waist, added an invisible zipper to accommodate that, added some lace overlay and ricrac and added a full double skirt with pretty scallops to make it all Slurpuffy.

When she's in the dress alone, she's more like Swirlix- Slurpuff before it's first evolution.  Pretty super geeky of me, no?

I also added a little sash because sashes are awesome.  Dresses love sashes.  Give that dress a sash.

I wanted to add a little bright pink bolero because I love the bubble shape Slurpuff has.  Its playful and another way for me to incorporate the retro style that I love so much.

And the PINK.  Oh my gosh the pink.  Slurpuff is a pink poofball of PaPOW.  This pokemon was just the perfect inspiration for me AND my girl and we're both super happy with the outcome.  

Thanks for reading!  If you're sewing along, make sure to link up so everyone can see and get inspired.  I choose YOU, y'all!



  1. That sure is a bunch of sweetness there! Very cute.

  2. Sweet as sweet an be...
    Deborah @ Sew Much To Give

  3. oh adorable! and great matching across the back zip ;)

    1. Guuuurl, zippers always make me twitch until they're sewn and in place. Your look was my fave this week. But I always love how clean your sewing is...clean and technical sewing is my favorite

  4. You totally rock. Love the zip matching and scallops and bolero. Completely Slurpuff! Zoe couldn't help coming over and doing the "Sllllurrrpuff!" sound! I died!

  5. So pretty! The dress is gorgous! My oldest is obsessed with Pokémon too and I will have to ask her if she can recognize what Pokémon inspired this dress when she gets home from school. I bet she will be able to tell by the dress alone. :)

  6. I love everything about this oufit! The little jacket is charming and the scalloped hem is beautiful!

  7. That is such a gorgeous outfit! My youngest daughter would be all over it!

  8. So much slurpy sweet sticky awesomeness here!

  9. Beautiful job! I love all the pink, and the dress and bolero are adorable together.