Halloween 2016: The Girl

Well, Halloween is pretty much here and I just got done with costumes!  Cutting it close, but at least I'm done before they go around the neighborhood begging for candy from strangers.  This year my kids were very specific and particular about what they wanted to be, which totally bummed me out because I had my own idea.  But Noooooooo.  They weren't having any of my brilliance.  So here I am, a slave to my children once again.  But at least they're happy....blah blah blah.  First up is the costume my girl picked. Hold your breath!

This little munchkin LOVES Monster High and I'm not even gonna pretend like I don't love it too.  I pretty much figured she'd pick her favorite character, Cleo Denile, but she surprised me with wanting to be MY favorite character.  I offered her chances to change her mind many times, but nope!  Lagoona Blue was THE costume.  And boy is she happy!

Lagoona has a really cool look with the fins and sparkle and scales.  And she's from Dee-yown Unduh as a salt water monster.  (Did you say that like Steve Irwin?  Do it). We'll add some blue to her hair for Halloween, but it would just be too messy before then.  Also, Lagoona likes to wear platform flip flops, but my 7 year old does not need platform anything.  Her Monster High tennies and striped socks work much better for trick or treating!

Halloween is the ONLY time this child is EVER allowed to wear makeup, so she is just soaking it up while I cringe a little.  This too shall pass.  This too shall pass.  

The patterns I used for this were the Ballet Basics From Jalie Patterns for her leotard, Dana Made It's Shorts pattern, and the vest was a heavily modified frankenpattern experience.  I made the head fins and the leg fins out of craft foam, glue, and GLITTER.  I flipping love glitter.  They're sort of flopping around all crazy like, but at this point, I'm just glad she has fins.  Technically, she's supposed to have arm fins as well, but to be quite frank, I just didn't effing want to do them.  I have done enough. I shall be compensated no doubt in the form of chocolate candies, But I will subtract a twix for the missing fins.  Never let it be said that I am unfair.

Well, that's it.  I hate for Halloween to be over.  It's my favorite holiday!  Halloween is my favorite time to sew bar-none 100%  FO SHO.  There's just so much creativity to be had.  I'll have the boy's costume up soon.  He was a weirdo this year...you'll see.

Happy Halloween,Ya'll!


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