Modkid Avery "Tuttle" Dress

Fall is the time for pumpkins, sweaters, and breaking out the long sleeved clothing.  We had a match made in heaven with some fall colored material, a long sleeved dress pattern, one little girl obsessed with dresses and turtles, and fantastic timing for a sew along: The Modkid Avery Sew Along that is!

It's no secret that my little girl LOVES turtles.  I found this turtle Michael Miller fabric in the "retiring" section at my Ben Franklin and knew I had to get several yards.  It's got different coloring than I usually use but it's perfect for fall and more importantly V loves it.  The orange chevron is also way outside my comfort zone for colors I usually use, but it matched pretty well, and honestly we walked Ben Franklin's fabric section multiple times trying to find something that matched "well enough."  Even had to pull Mr. Viever into the decision making (I'm sure he was regretting saying we could go to the craft store as a family....  I was just going for chalk pens.  How did we end up in the fabric section?!  Oh yes, my husband likes to spoil me and told me to look.)

This poor fabric sat washed in my fabric bin for about a month before I actually got around to picking a pattern to use it for.  The sew along was the perfect chance to pick up the Avery pattern I've been lusting after for awhile and add another fun fall dress to the wardrobe just in time for V's 2nd birthday.

The pattern is VERY beginner friendly even without the sew along but with the sew along breaking the tasks down into small tasks each day so you end with a dress at the end of the week you really just can't fail.

Now I have to admit I didn't quite follow the sew along days.  Day 1 I did the tasks of day one and day two.  Day 2 and 3 I didn't do any sewing.  Day 4 I played catch up.  Day 5 was another no sew day.  I finished up on Day 6... of which there were only actually 5 days of sew along.  But really the break down was reasonable for those who can only sew after work in the evenings when the kids are in bed or if you are only a nap time sewer.  The only optional addition to the dress I didn't add were the belt loops.  I cut them out and then decided against them.

V loves this dress.  Like pitch a fit and cry loves because I made her take it off when she wanted to go out to the backyard to play post photo shoot.  She has also decided that a needed accessory for this dress was her old Easter basket in the shape of, you guessed it, a turtle.  Hmmm, it even sort of matches the color scheme, guess this dress was meant to be!

V was not thrilled about getting her pictures taken.  She told me so in so many words and actions... like putting the lens cap back on as I tried taking photos.  She definitely made me work for these photos!


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  1. She is super precious! And your Tuttle dress turned out amazing! Thanks so much for participating in our SAL!