Knitting for a Knitter

Sometimes it takes another crafter to appreciate the time and effort (and many times love) a person puts into a crafty project- whether it be knitting, sewing, wood working, painting or any of the numerous crafts out there.

So when news came to me that a friend of a friend had received some low blows delivered by life my hands (and head) decided it was time to put my "talents" to work and make something this person.  Now I've never met this woman nor will I ever but I do know she could use a little bit of a lift and I can do that through a craft she also enjoys doing but is unable to do at the moment.  I picked up my knitting needles, asked some questions as to color preferences to my friend, and searched my yarn stash. 

I settled on a dark purple fingering weight cotton yarn I had a few skeins left over from my daughter's baby blanket.  Perfect for fall and spring, and the milder winter of Arizona.  

Next was the pattern.  I made a traveling woman shawl (size large from worsted weight yarn) for my mother in law for Christmas several years ago.  To this day it's been my favorite thing to make as it came out so beautifully.  The pattern has several different sizes and is written up for different weights of yarn, perfect for stash busting'.    Pattern/yarn match perfection.

Also for those who don't read knitting charts.  This pattern includes the chart and written directions.  It's the first pattern I attempted chart reading on several years ago and having the written instructions helped with figuring out what I was seeing on the chart, if you are so inclined to learn a new knitting skill.

This little shawl is full of hope and well wishes for the person receiving it.  I do hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it.  



  1. So pretty! I wish I could knit. I'm sure the recipient will love it :)

    1. The recipient very much liked it! I taught myself to knit from a kit I picked up from Target while in college along with racing down to my bestie's room when I got stuck. You too can learn to knit! Between youtube videos and finding an awesome small yarn store for classes, you could be well on your way! --Viever