Project Run & Play Sewalong- Season 10: Week Three (Crystal)

It’s week 3!  And this time I’m ON TIME with my post.  Applause welcomed.  This week is all about denim. Jay Leno would be ecstatic (that one’s for all of you Adam Carolla fans).  Denim is actually pretty versatile, and way fun to sew with. I thought a looooooooong time on this one and then stopped thinking and just started sewing.  This is what appeared from my chaos- The Denim Darlin’

We’re not really cowpoke over here.  We’re city slickers to the max.  As a matter of fact, a bee got into my house today and I swear to you it made me a wreck.  I’ll be hearing bees in my sleep.  Even though I may be the indoorsy type, I love the cowgirl LOOK- especially the whole “worker meets ethereal being” effect denim and chiffon make.  It’s just lovely.  Did you just picture Arwen Evenstar driving a tractor and feeding hogs?  Just me?  Ok, then.

I used the Jane pattern by Violet Fields threads and took off the sleeves. I added an extra column of buttons because the dress was just too loose for my taste.  Since I used denim from an old pair of pants, I couldn’t just make a new one.  BLAST!  But, I made it work like a hotty farm hand.  I think it turned out pretty sweetly.  I dig it like ...a piece of heavy equipment that...digs.

I added a few pickups, flowers, and some pretty rose trim to make it a bit more flouncy and girly since my little peanut likes things that pixies would wear.  Pixie cowgirl...Tinkerbell shoveling poo...

That’s it!  I kept it pretty simple and my little cowgirl is ready to go to the grocery store and ride a motorized horse.  Seriously, I’m afraid of riding horses- tried it once as a grown woman and cried like a baby as it moved.  I mean, it’s a ride that THINKS ON IT’S OWN.  Scary stuff, man.    I can’t wait to see what everyone else sews up!



  1. LOVE this! The thought of Arwen on a tractor literally made me laugh out loud!! I've always loved the worker meets princess look, although I can say, being totally rural, we don't actually dress that way! Hahaha :)

    1. YOU DONT?!?!?!? haha! I know it's all Levis and flannel on the farm, but a girl can dream, right?

  2. I love this!! She is gorgeous and the dress turned out perfect!

  3. Gorgeous! Totally looks like a girly cowgirl. I rocked by western look this weekend so even the girly non cowgirl can rock the cowgirl look ;)

  4. I love how you girlied up the denim--the pink chiffon is a great contrast!

  5. I love the double top stitching on the bodice! It really adds to the contrast. Love, Momma Shaffer

  6. Darling bodice. I love the extra row of buttons. Tinkerbell shoveling poo! Snort!