GingerMelon stuffy sewn by Jenn!

Well... it seems this Jenn was a bit absent this summer.... no worries, I didn't break up with TWSC. I was just enjoying the warmth. and the fun of summer with kids....

BUT, now I am back! and first up is a little pattern review! and full disclosure I bought this pattern with my own coins!  

So gingermelon was having a sale the other day and I LOVE her patterns, but I do not love handsewing.... and then I saw this cloth kitten pattern and it is using a machine! Up my alley! 

Plus does anyone have little girls who hate kittens? I mean look how cute!

This pattern is a little time consuming since the face is painted on, but the face is in the pattern so you can get it right! and I don't know about you, but sometimes I really REALLY enjoy picking up a brush and taking the time to be a little fussy, I find it relaxing.
 Also a quick note that the pattern pieces are not computer drafted. I personally have no issues with hand drawn toy patterns as long as they are well done and this one is very well done and tidy. All the pieces are labeled and fit well. No taping pattern pieces together. My finished kitten is about 12" tall.  
The kitten is not hard to sew, at all. Though I do wish I had a proper water soluble pen to use for this, the crayola washable marker was a bit of a hassle and didn't wash out well where painted on. Not that you can see that since I painted over the lines, but you can from the back side.

I really love how this pattern came together and I love the details on it! The little purse to go with - how cute! and the dress and purse patterns are included! I added the trim to the bottom of the dress to make it my own, a plain hem seemed a bit boring.

Now, I just need to decide what to do with this kitty! My kids all want it... but I love it too. Not that I need a soft toy, but neither do they really as they have oodles.

What do you do with your just for fun crafting that has no real "use" in your house?


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