Back to school tees, a bit of I spy, and family time

A lot of you have little ones that have already started school.  One of my nieces started the last week of July!  Bopper and Sweets however don't start until September so my back to school sewing is still just getting going.

My kids, like their parents. love comfort and what is more comfortable than a soft knit t-shirt?  Sweets and I went fabric shopping, and she fell in love with the "Hoot Hoots" (aka Riley Blake's Happy Flapper Owl Blue fabric).  Bopper is in a dino phase (thank you dinosaur train!) so I picked up some of Blake Riley's Dinosaur Toss in Blue fabric for him.  Once I had it home I realized I had left over dino corduroy that I could pair with it!

Fabric mission accomplished.  Next was operation find perfect pattern.  Now we all know I have made plenty of Figgy's Tee for Two but I was wanting something different and maybe not a raglan tee.  Step in with Titchy Thread's Rowan tee.  I fell in love with the hood and I knew my kids would love the pockets.

Being in the PNW sometimes you want a hood, hello drips from the sky! I also thought if I make these with short sleeves we can layer these guys up for when it gets cooler and then cold... my definition of cold anyway.  It also has options for long sleeves, a regular neckband, and a cute regular pocket as well as an option to add a stripe down the sleeves in either the short or long version.

The pattern sewed up like a dream.  Maybe it was assisted by my grandmother's sewing machine freshly serviced.  If you haven't ever sewn using a good sturdy machine, you really don't know what you are missing.... I sure didn't!  My only hiccup would be that I didn't plan my stitch lines well on the kangaroo pockets but alas they are functional and don't look horrible just not perfect especially on Bopper's which I did first.

Another misstep I made... remember that corduroy fabric I mentioned... didn't think about the lack of stretch when adding it as the lining of the hood.  While it sewed up fine and looks fine, Bopper has a hard time getting the shirt to come off because lack of stretch.  Lesson learned!  Hood lining will be knit next time!


Time to play a little I spy.  See those pants of Bopper's well he's a typical 5 year old boy getting into all sorts of mischief that the knees of his pants don't appreciate.  These pants had a small hole in them paired with a grass stain that I was being lazy about getting out.  StitchArt to the rescue!  I used the Sunny the Pup free motion appliqué pattern sized down by 50% to make a patch.  Covered that hole up and Bopper loves his puppy buddy.  Sunny will be released soon and as soon as he/she is I'll add the link!  HE/SHE has been released TODAY!!! No more boring square patches in this family because lets face it Bopper isn't the only rough and tumble kid in this house... Sweets keeps right up there with him.

Finally, it is getting to be the end of summer.  My mama came out to visit which is her first time being up here in the PNW.  Seeing her with my littles makes my heart happy.  Capturing this time with her in photos and videos is so very important to me.  I won't go into the details as its quite personal, and she's not one to share with the world her problems but getting to have her here for 2 weeks truly is a gift.

And a just because I like it and was playing with my camera/picture taking skills (of which I really should practice more)

Happy beginning of the school year whenever that may be for you!