Turtle Power!

Bopper has been OBSESSED with Ninja Turtles.  Not sure when the obsession started but it was full swing prior to going to his grandparents' for the summer and was continuing strong when he got home.  Needless to say when we went fabric shopping afterwards he returned he picked out this fabric.

Bopper has been living in the Avenger button down I made him for preschool graduation so I knew right away what I wanted to make him: SisBoom's Ethan.  I've got more fabric for 2 more Ethan tops so he will be almost set with a shirt for each day of the week.  Maybe I can get that taken care of before school starts?

Future kindergartener.... and maybe future model?  He surprised me big time by only wearing the shirt one day.  As usual the Ethan sewed up beautifully and the fit is fantastic.  Again I shortened the sleeves, one day I'll do the fancy long sleeves but it's warm enough now to have short sleeves and then when it cools down he will layer a long tee under.

And to end out we've got some silly shots because taking pictures of this boy these days is like pulling teeth.  Doesn't he know that getting cool mama made clothes means he has to pay the price of getting pictures taken?  Maybe this is why I still haven't gotten his 5 year pictures done.... bad mama I know.

Cowabunga dudes!!!

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  1. that shirt has a great fit! i can't wait to make button-downs for my guy!