Halloween 2015: Crystal Part 1

I haven't blogged since June because there's a LOT going on in my home, but there's nothing like Halloween to get me out of the cave I live in. This year's costumes were just sooooo much fun to make.  Both kids had actual opinions about what they wanted to be.  Usually, my son ends up being his sister's costume sidekick (Anna, The White Rabbit, Twink from Rainbow Brite) but this year he wanted his own thing.  I gave him the freedom to pick whatever he wanted and I happily accepted the challenge he gave me: A dragon!  Actually, he requested "A dragon RAWR that's green". 

I started with the bodysuit.  I used Jalie pattern 3135.  It was a surprisingly easy sew!  I measured my guy's torso before I started though, because he's cursed with his mommy's long torso.  At 3 years old, I had to add 3" and really could have added another.  CRAZY LONG CHILD! There's a crotch gusset thing (back with my technical terms you all love) was great for movement, but was VERY uncomfortable for him.  I had to sew the seams down to add comfort.  After I did that, he loved it. 

His Mask was made using this Dragon mask pattern from Oxeye Daisey patterns.  Her patterns are SO COOL and she is incredibly sweet. Buy all of her patterns.  Seriously.  Go do it.  Anyway, I covered my felt with the scales fabric in order to keep it cohesive, so that added way more time to the project. But it was so incredibly worth it. I also used glitter foam and glitter sheets instead of felt...so more layers...so more time...and more blisters. 

The Tail, gloves, wings, and breast plate were my own creations.  I won't be doing a tutorial because I will never make them again.  Nopety nope nope nope.  They weren't hard, but they took forever and I got blisters on my fingers from all of the hand-stitching.  My hands aren't dainty anymore!  What the crap?!?!  I need my dainty hands!  They're the only dainty thing I have....er...had.

Also...yes, my son is covered in glitter.  But it's manly glitter.  And if you're my child, there will be glitter. 

Have a spooky Halloween and make sure to check in soon for my girl's costume!


  1. You blow me away with your talent! I just adore seeing everything you make!

  2. Where o where did you find the awesome black scale fabric

  3. AWESOME!!! Wowsers! I'm curious also about where you found the black "Scale" fabric. Happened to find you per the TV Show (Kevin Bacon) post you did in Dec 2015. The Halloween costumes you have made are Amazing!!! Excellent job!! My kids are all older so haven't made much in the past few years, but I DID make a simple tank dress that I also added some white ovals to resemble spots for one of my daughter's a few years back - it was for a deer costume, most of which she created by doing an awesome job of painting her own face. THIS year my for my first granddaughter, I created a penguin costume because my oldest daughter had pinned one. That was fun, so I guess I'm back in business. Youngest daughter says she would like to go to comic-con some day, and that was music to my ears, since I'd LOVE to create a costume for that. You show so much creativity, not to mention your construction skills look A++!
    PS: Love what you did with your B&W photos as well, and where in the world did you find that landscaping?

    1. Hi there! So sorry I didn't see this earlier. I've been SO BAD about checking comments after the post is a bit old. I'm terrible. Anyway, I purchased the scale fabric on Etsy from a shop called DramaticFabric. I don't know if they still sell it, but you can always send them a message and ask! Also, the background is actually just edited to be black and white. I wanted it to look charred, like a dragon actually lived around there. It's just a random place in the local mountains. Thanks for your kind words! And good luck with the comicon costume. I'm hoping to hit one up this year as well :)