Knit 2, Purl 2

I'm a self taught knitter.  In college (fall 2005) I picked up a kit to make a capelet from Target thinking it would be fun to learn.  My college BFF was a knitter (taught by her mother or grandmother, I can't remember) and I spent many evenings running down to her room (Okay, I'll admit it I took the elevator, she was on the 2nd floor I was on the 7th floor) or IMing her on AIM (remember that?!) with an issue or a question.  Fast forward 4 years from then to the birth of my niece L and that would probably be when I picked up the knitting needles again post graduation from college.  I made her a blanket and baby booties and my in laws a baby blanket for their house when she was born.  I again picked up my needles for the birth of S to make him a baby blanket AND because I discovered the world of wool and cloth diapers. This is where my knitting frenzy took off.

S has many knitted soakers, shorties, longies, and sweaters all which V is now using.  But those are all in boyish or gender neutral colors.  After the birth of my girl, all the boy yarn I had left was sent off to a friend who was having a boy and I started acquiring girlie yarn.  And now I do a little show and tell as to what is fresh off my knitting needles and what projects I still have going on.

As you know V turned one this past weekend.  Well we have her pictures coming up this upcoming weekend.  So she needed something new and handmade from mommy.  Enter these adorable short-alls.  Yarn: Mosaic Moon's Apple Picking w/Pink  Pattern: My Keiki Overalls

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And for old time sake here's a picture of S in his overalls.  Yarn:  Retro Baby's Quinn

S's Keiki Overalls-- That's What She Crafted

Almost finished: Shorties  Yarn: Mosaic Moon's Deep Space with Burple Trim  Pattern: EviePants All in One

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Never ending:  I started the coat of many colors for MYSELF July 2012.  That's right it's been over a year and it's not finished.  It will get finished eventually though but to get it done I really need to pick it up more often rather than always finding some other crafty thing to do.
Yarn: Malabrigo Azul Profundo

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Next on my list:  Caelum with Mosaic Moon's Maren for a friend's little boy who will be turning two next month!  This yarn is just gorgeous!  I hope my friend and her little boy love it!

Mosaic Moon Maren-- That's What She Crafted

You probably picked up on a theme with the yarns.  I love Mosaic Moon's colorways.  So vivid and bright!  There are so many more I wish I had but I've decided no more yarn until I've gone through what I have.  So far I've been pretty good but that's probably because I've been avoiding going to my ravelry groups and looking at all the gorgeous creations!



  1. mosaic moon DOES do lovely colorways! i can't wait to see a new sweater project (that's my goal for you, LOL)!!

  2. It has been awhile since I've completed a sweater, last fall I think. Luckily S's sweater still fits him so he doesn't need a new one this year but I need to pick a sweater pattern for V (already have yarn!). -- Viever