BundleUP, Yo! Citron Twist Shrug by Candy Castle

I have been doing a LOT of mama sewing lately.  A.LOT.  So why not do some more?  Onward! I was asked to give a little review post about the Candy Castle Citron Twist Shrug which is now available for purchase when you BundleUP, so I did.  And I’m so glad I did!  This is my first Candy Castle pattern and I am super impressed.  Just look at it! (I kind of look like a Beverly Hillbilly’s version of Maryanne from Gilligan’s Island).

When I first saw this modeled in sneak peeks, I immediately thought of a camping trip.  I’ve seen this dressed up, too, and it totally works, but for me it just screamed CAMPOUT!  I don’t have the figure for a crop top...NO WAY BLUEJAY, but this gives that feel without having to expose the flub.  Now,  I have never been camping, but I am going soon, so this was like YES.

This review should be helpful to you because I seriously have no complaints.  I’m a minimalist when it comes to PDF patterns- give me the pattern and tell me how to put it together and I’m good.  This pattern does that.  DONE!  Super fast, super user friendly and everything worked as it should- all pages line up, all pieces match up, all instructions work well.  The only thing I changed was the arm bands because I have mondo-mega arms and can’t have anything fitted there.  I paired the largest arm hole with my size and just hemmed them.  Worked out great!  The pattern comes in color with alternating solid/dashed lines, so you can print with whatever ink you have left after a lot of recent sewing.

I’m totally ready to camp-out lookin’ cute.  Looking like a camper makes you a camper, right?

 Apparently this city girl thinks you can catch a tiny octopus in a lake....Um, yeeeeeah.



  1. bwahahahaha - you crack me up!!!! And I love your style. Have fun camping, and thanks for joining in the blog tour!!!!

  2. LOL You crack me up!!! Thanks for sewing along with me, I love this one!!

  3. Ahh and then I see I wrote exactly the same thing as Suzanne, haha! You make me laugh, Crystal! Love the shrug.

  4. You do resemble Maryanne! Now you know who to be for Halloween. Ooh just think you could make your daughter Ginger and your Lil guy Gilligan. Oh my just thinking about all the cuteness!

  5. Oh my.....I knew this would be a great read! Thanks for delivering the laughs once again, Crystal!

    Oh, and the shrug is WAY CUTE!!

  6. LOL, this is great...love it!! ;o}