Sis Boom Jenny SKIRT tutorial. Say WHAT?!?!?

When I WON the Jenny Craft-off because I’m a winner, I thought “Wow, craft-off winner, you should do something nice for the people that made you win.”  I thought that because I’m a winner....because I won.  So here it is, folks...The Jenny Skirt Tutorial (By Crystal, The Winner)

*If you have made a Jenny with a successful fit, use your existing pieces.  If you have NEVER made a Jenny before, PLEASE make a muslin for the waistband. PLEASE.  This will ensure that you make something that works.  Here’s a tip from me to you:  The Jenny is intended to fit perfectly like a glove.  It may seem like it’s too small, but more times than not it’s fine.  So grab a small cheap zipper and make your muslin WITH a zipper so you get accurate sizing.

For this tutorial, you’re going to need the following things

  • The Sis Boom Jenny Pattern (buy it as part of the BundleUp deal for a limited time or HERE by itself).  We’ll be printing the waistband pieces only.
  • Fabric: This can range based on the length you decide to make.  The waist band takes about 6” of 44” wide fabric for the XL SHORT Waistband (what I used).  The longer ones will require more fabric so print it out and measure it to figure it out.  Then you add your preferred skirt length in there and get your magic number.
  •  Fusible Interfacing- this is for your waist band.
  • A  10” Zipper.  The pattern calls for a 14”, but since we’re not making the bodice, we don’t need one as long.

Cut only your waistband (and waistband lining) pieces and skirt pieces.  Your sizing for is going to be based on the size you are for your waist/ribcage measurement only.  Bust measurements are no good here.  Forget about the chesticles for like a second.  You will need to cut one each of the waistband piece in fusible interfacing as well.

When I’m cutting the waistband pieces for the skirt version, I ignore the notches on top because they are there for attaching to a bodice, which we’re not doing.  I add notches to the sides of my waistband pieces, though, for easy assembly and a nice frame of reference for which way is up.  Make sure you are still cutting your BOTTOM notches!

Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of your lining fabric.

Assemble both of the waistbands in MIRROR IMAGE as on page 18, HOWEVER use a 5/8” SA instead of the ½”.  Why?  Because you need the skirt to be a bit more snug since there aren’t dress straps holding it up.

Place the waistband pieces RST and stitch the top edge only using a 5/8” SA.  We are not using the ¼” SA because we don’t want the waistband to hit the boobies.  We want it UNDER the boobies. You can alter the pattern yourself if you want a smaller SA, but for me, changing the SA is a lot easier than measuring, drawing and cutting the pattern.  I really am just that lazy.

Trim the SA to 3/8” and open up to the wrong side.  Press the seam to the LINING side.  Flip it over and understitch on the right side of the lining making sure you pull that seam open (but don’t stress it). This will hold the seam down and keep it from moving without having to topstitch.

Now turn everything right side out and, press, press, press.  

I like to baste my bottom edges together at this point.  It’s up to you, but it keeps everything together nicely when attaching the skirt

Now continue Jenny assembly starting on page 20, but instead of attaching your skirt to a whole bodice you just have a waistband. Make sure you’re using a 5/8” SA again instead of a ½” when installing your zipper.  Hem and wham bam thank you Spam!

Seriously, that’s it.  That’s freaking it. SO EASY!

Have a sexy day!



  1. You are wonderful and fabulous and amazing and better than oreos dipped in milk

  2. awesome! What a fun tutorial and photos!

  3. seriously entertaining tutorial!!! totally getting this pattern, hope i can make as many sexy faces as you!

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  5. Thank you all! I hope it works for you. It's a super awesome skirt.

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