Underneath it All- An Undergarments PSA

I’ve really been thinking for a while about the topic I’m going to write about today. With the BundleUp sale going on right now, it's been even MORE on my mind.  It’s something that I think every womenswear seamstress NEEDS to read.  The more I’ve been sewing for myself and sharing, the more I hear “Crystal you have a great body for this.”  The response to that is “Nope”...that is “not without the correct UNDERGARMENTS”.  I cannot STRESS enough to you the importance of the right undergarments. Wearing the right supportive underthings make a world of difference and takes you from “liking” the things you make to “MOTHER EFFING LOVING” them.  You should totally love every single piece of clothing you make for yourself.  You’ve earned it and it’s time you start feeling your best by looking your best.  Here we go!

I used to never wear the things I sewed for myself and very rarely showed them to anyone because they just never looked right.  Then one day I was given something by my mother-in-law: A push-up bra.  That sounds weird, but she bought it for herself and it didn’t fit her so she gave it to me....AAAAAANYWAY.  Every woman who has had babies, had a major weight loss, or has fallen victim to the evil Lord Gravity needs a push-up bra.  These bras are not for a skanky girls’ nights in Vegas or for a romantic evening of looooooove.  They are PUSH-UP bras...they push the boobs up to where they are supposed to be.  If you have the perfectly perky chest God gifted you with at the beginning of puberty, I envy you. Perky boobies use normal bras.  Saggy boobies use push-up bras. Most of us have had our bodies put through the ringer and the headlights point down.  It’s nature, but we CAN do something about it. At first I HATED my push up bra.  It felt so...not comfortable.  But one day when all my bras were dirty, I grabbed the push-up bra.  My mother-in-law happened to come visit that day and she immediately asked “Have you lost weight?”.  Lord, no I hadn’t.  IT WAS THE BRA.  I ordered 2 more and never looked back.  I ended up getting used to them within a few days.  GET A PUSH-UP BRA!

Something else I incorporate into my undergarments is a good piece of shapewear.  I have this one.  I suggest going to the store and trying on a bunch until you get one that suits your body type.  They are going to not feel comfortable at first, just like the push-up bra, but you WILL get used to it.  I wear mine all of the time now when I leave the house.  The difference isn’t staggering, but it smoothes everything out a bit.  I still have my figure, but it’s a little more even and less lumpy.  My big problem is my love handles and shapewear makes them a little less prominent and it makes my clothes fit so much better.  It has cut WAY down on the muffin top.

Those pics don't look THAT much different at first glance, but my spare tire around the middle is much smoother with the shapewear and my shirt fits a little looser at the sides. My boobies also get a little bit more of a push.  DEFYING GRAVITY.  Call me "Elphaba". It may not seem like a big deal right here, but OMG my clothes just fit so much better.

One final roundup...from drab to FAB!

Now you know my secret.  I love push-up bras and shapewear.  Seriously gals, you work so hard for so many hours and you DESERVE to look at yourself and feel like a million bucks.  No one is perfect, but we’re all beautiful.  We should feel it...and I hope you do <3


Wow, that was uncharacteristically serious of me...gotta fix this.
And here's a picture of a lobster that my daughter colored...if you laughed, you can be my friend.



  1. Girl! PREACH!!! I am a member of the itty bitty club so push up bras have been my best friend since the Wonderbra and waterbra gained popularity. Shapewear, yeah, I don't wear regularly, but when I want to look hot, then yet, my wonderful push up girdle (think of it as an underbust corset, make me look H-O-T! And for all those who are unaware (it is practiced in most ethnic cultures and I am slightly latina) wearing a girdle aka faja the first 6-8 weeks postpartum pushes down the swelling and helps shape your belly back to a flatter look. This is the only reason I don't have a perma4month prego pouch. It is a miracle worker. And you have just encouraged me to go back to tightlacing.

    Uhm, you said that was a lobster? I admit, I laughed, but I saw a big red not lobster lol!

  2. Love this! The right shape wear is everything. I haven't worn anything around my waist in years, but I totally should. I do have all the chains and pulleys for my bras though and it makes a HUGE difference. :)

  3. AMEN!!! You took the words right outta my mouth!! A good bra and Shapewear is a MUST no matter what size!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Not even going to tell you what I thought that lobster looked like! lol But yes, one must wear a great over the shoulder boulder holder to look good in a snug dress/shirt. :D

  5. This is perfect timing for me! Have just made the peplum and it looks awful. A number of ladies in a sewing group suggested new bra and I can now totally see that it is worth it!
    Thank you!

  6. Wow, you look amazing! It’s great how the right push-up bras and undergarments can do the trick. I absolutely agree that no one is perfect, and beauty is subjective anyway. So, you owe it to yourself to get the things that will make you feel more beautiful.

    Irving Morgan @ EmbraceBra™

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  8. So what are good push up bras for the well endowed? I must know! I have an old Lilyette that is my favorite bra. Sadly, they seem to have been bought out by Hanes and now suck.