Project Run & Play: February (Crystal)

It's time for February's Project Run & Play challenge! This month's featured past contestant is Susan from Living with Punks and she's chosen her Mademoiselle muscle tee tutorial for us to change up.  My girl is all about the lounge wear lately- I guess my yoga pants addiction rubbed off.  I knew an all knit look would tickle her fancy, so I went with it.

I didn't make her a dress because honestly I didn't want to.  Such a great reason, I know.  But good enough for me!    I also wanted to use the tank in a way that would be a little unexpected, so I used it to make a scarf neck cardigan.  No, I didn't use the shirt pattern to make the shirt...I make lots of sense. I like the long, drapey, comfortable look of this cardigan and the black and white polkadots are super fun. 

I used the tank as a base then extended the front 11" and made some dolman sleeves.  Easy peasy and comfy womfy for my wittle wovey dovey.

The shirt without the cardi is hilarious.  I had no intenton of making a guinea pig shirt, but when I asked my kid what her favorite animal was, she said "Guinea Pig".  Challenge accepted!  The pattern I used was the Skipper Top by Sew Much Ado.  I just did a little colorblocking and busted out the iron-on transfers.  

The Pants are the Nightfox Pant by Puperita.  These pants are so super comfy and I want them for me. I've made them for my son before and he loves them too.  I totally dig a pattern I can use for both of my kiddos.  My cheap little heart sings.

One more picture of the shirt because...well...guinea pigs!

Well, that's it!  I hope you like it and can't wait to see what all everyone else links up.  There's some great stuff already <3



  1. GUINEA FREAKIN PIGS!!!!! Can you make this for me??? I seriously just want to be wrapped up in comfy cozy stuff that is super fashionable. And yes, Guinea pigs are all the rave. And I love her gappy smile!!!!

  2. That shirt is awesome, and I love the pants too--all of it is so great and cozy together! My daughter won't stray too far out of the pink-and-purple-dress-or-skirt zone, so I just have to admire other people's stuff!

  3. Such a hip cool vibe with the colors and shapes, but then guinea pigs keeps it fun and childlike. Excellent job.

  4. This is soooooo cool! I mean, NO ONE else has an outfit like this!! Perfect.

  5. Wow, this outfit is so much fun!

  6. Is it wrong that I want this shirt for myself???? Because I do. Actually I want the entire outfit for myself!!!